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The London borough which has highest gender pay gap in UK, almost triple the national average

by LLB Reporter
4th Jan 24 7:42 am

New research has revealed Kingston upon Thames has the largest average gender pay gap in the UK.

The study, by ethical fashion company Beira, analysed data from the Office of National Statistics ‘Gender pay gap in the UK: 2023’ report.

The research found Kingston upon Thames’ average gender pay gap is 39%, the highest in the UK, and almost triple the national average of 14.3%.

Overall, London’s average gender pay gap is 15.4%.

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Dr Antoinette Fionda-Douglas, Co-Founder of Beira, which turns unused luxury fabrics into womenswear to reduce textile waste, said:

“It’s still shocking to see gender inequality in 2023.

“Female businesses and female roles are not valued enough by the broader society, which not only impedes the progress of individual women but also hinders collective advancement.

“It’s disheartening to see the persistent undervaluation of the contributions that women make in various sectors, and this is something we’re trying to change here at Beira.”

Antoinette has this advice for addressing the gender pay gap, saying, “Negotiate Salary Confidently: Women often hesitate to negotiate their salaries, contributing to the gender pay gap. Confidently negotiating helps bridge the gap by ensuring women are paid based on their skills and experience.”

“Promote Workplace Transparency: When employees have access to information about salary ranges and pay structures, it reduces the likelihood of gender-based pay disparities and fosters a culture of fairness.”

“Mentorship and Networking: Mentorship provides valuable guidance for career advancement, while networking opens doors to opportunities and helps break down gender-related barriers, ultimately contributing to closing the gender pay gap.”

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