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The future of S&P 500: Amid growing optimism and looming risks US inflation recedes

by LLB Finance Reporter
17th Jul 23 12:19 pm

The S&P 500 index began the current week with a modest increase, trading near the support level at 4503 points after last week’s inflation data, which caused a sharp decline in the U.S. dollar index, revealed a steady decrease in U.S. inflation rates.

This supported market investors’ expectations regarding the Federal Reserve’s interest rate pricing, with indications that the Fed might refrain from further monetary tightening after the 25-basis-point interest rate hike during the July meeting of the Federal Open Market Committee. As a result, U.S. stocks gained momentum, and the S&P 500 index achieved a 2.42% increase.

Rania Gule, Market Analyst at XS.com said, “Turning to key economic data that will impact the markets this week, one of the highlights on the U.S. economic agenda is the retail sales data for June, which is expected to show a monthly increase of about 0.5%. This could signal economic strength and bolster expectations of further rate hikes by the Federal Reserve after the July meeting and throughout the remainder of 2023.

“If the data comes in higher or in line with expectations, it might exert negative pressure on stock prices, leading to a corrective downward movement in the S&P 500 before continuing its current upward trend.

“Traders will also closely monitor the earnings season in the United States, which officially started last Friday with major banks such as JP Morgan Chase, Wells Fargo, and Citi announcing that their numbers would be better than expected. However, the markets did not respond positively to these statements, and financial stocks declined during the last week’s trading.

“During this week, more financial institutions will report their results, including Bank of America, Morgan Stanley, and Goldman Sachs. The earnings results of these commercial and investment banks will provide valuable insights into economic expectations and the resilience and strength of the economy.

“Any figures indicating economic deterioration could have a positive impact on index and stock trading.

“In the technology sector, Netflix and Tesla will lead the quarterly results of American companies. Given their high market capitalizations, fluctuations in their stock prices can significantly impact the performance of the S&P 500 and Nasdaq 100 indexes.

“This makes stock and index prices susceptible to significant fluctuations, oscillating between waves of optimism and concerns over the underlying risks following the decline in U.S. inflation and market anticipation for the quarterly earnings season.”

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