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The best reasons to travel to Universal Studios this summer

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26th Sep 22 5:03 pm

If you feel like it’s time for you to take a break from your typical routine and have some fun, Universal Studios is the place to melt your stress away. With fun around every corner, you won’t be able to walk ten feet without succumbing to some sort of wonder and awe.

Here are some of the best reasons to travel to Universal Studios this summer

Incredible rides

What fun would a theme park be without incredible rides? Luckily, Universal is home to some of the best. As far as roller coasters go, The Incredible Hulk Coaster, Revenge of the Mummy, Velocicoaster, and Hagrid’s Motorbike Adventure are some of the best in the park, and for fans of water rides, Dudley Do-Rights Ripsaw Falls and Jurassic Park River Adventure certainly make a splash. There are also plenty of kiddie rides for younger park-goers, such as The Cat in the Hat Ride and the Woody Woodpecker Coaster.

But many would agree that some of their best rides lie in their 3D rides, which incorporate motion and 3D technology to fully immerse you in the ride. These include Harry Potter and the Escape From Gringotts, The Amazing Adventures of Spider-Man, and more.

Bundled resorts

In between your multi-day park visits, Universal has some of the most fantastic resorts you could ever hope for. With several different themed resorts to choose from, each one comes with its own amenities and features, such as pools, spas, and even one with its own bowling alley.

The rooms come with plenty of space so you and your party won’t feel cramped, and the luxury baths—like the kind available at Capitol Kitchen & Bath—will make you want to whip out a bubble bath bomb and cucumber slices as you enjoy your rest and relaxation.

Immersive theming

One of the main draws of Universal is how well it is able to pull park-goers into the experience. Nearly everything in the park is themed in one way or another, from the rides and their wait lines to the restaurants where you can get food straight from the source. For instance, Harry Potter World is brilliantly themed to make you feel as if you are truly walking through Hogsmead or Diagon Alley, and The Three Broomsticks restaurant lets you eat the same food featured in the movies, like Treacle Tarts and Butterbeer.

Between that, the various characters running around, the shops that allow you to get items from your favorite movies, and shows that are truly sights to behold, the theming of Universal sets it apart from most other theme parks.

Adventure awaits

If these amazing park features aren’t enough to convince you to take a trip to Universal Studios this summer, nothing will. And that’s not all; there are plenty of live shows, games, shops, restaurants, and a bumping nightlife to enjoy! So grab your tickets, pack your bags, and enjoy your stay at one of the best theme parks in the world!

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