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The best PayPal alternatives for online payments

by Sarah Dunsby
30th May 22 11:07 am

PayPal is a reliable online payment but there are comparable payment methods as well. If you are looking at other payment platforms similar to PayPal, we can say that Square, and Stripe are some alternatives to PayPal that have gained popularity in recent times. Here we explore the features that these alternative payment options offer.

How one should choose

When you are looking to choose a reliable online payment option you should consider the following:

  • Whether it is suitable for business, personal usage or both.
  • What kind of fees would you incur?
  • Will they enable you to accept echecks
  • Niches restricted by the provider

Different PayPal alternatives


This is a popular choice as it is ideal for credit card processing, especially for those who run online businesses. It integrates with commerce platforms such as Weebly, Wix and Shopify, allowing ease of transactions, especially for eCommerce businesses.

Features of this platform include an easy to use customer interface, reports, insights and reconciliation statements. You also have several payment options to choose from as well as payout modes. The platform also has impressive third-party integration and customer support features.

When it comes to fees, there is a 2.9% fee charged for every card transaction. Customers are given access to a complete payment solution with pay as you go price structure. If you are a business owner then you can set up a system which works best for your business payment needs. Accordingly one can choose pricing plans on this platform.


This is a good option when you are looking for a peer-to-peer solution for payment. Though this platform does not process credit cards, it does help transfer money to other people in a quick and secure manner.

As a user of Venmo, you can store your bank account and debit card information in your user account. It provides you with an ID that you can use to quickly transfer money to other bank accounts or accept payments from others. It is possible to add multiple cards and bank accounts to your account as well. You can even make your Venmo transactions public. This is a social aspect that many love on this platform. There are also negligible fees to using Venmo; for instance, you might have to pay a fee of $2.5 when you make a withdrawal at an ATM.

If you are looking to subscribe and pay at an online casino, a secure payment method is advisable. Traditional payment options such as bank transfers or credit card payments require you to key in such information on the payment section. However, online payment platforms such as Venmo, PayPal and others make it more secure.

Many payment methods are commonly used in the online casino industry. In spite of this, not all of these payment methods are available in every casino. If you are wondering what the safe ways to make payments at online casinos are, look up different informative articles on online payment, payonlinecasinos.com serves as the leading website for reviewing payment methods available at the majority of online casinos worldwide. As well as providing this information on how payment methods work, the website also gives users detailed information regarding how to choose a payment method when playing at an online casino.


This is another PayPal alternative that is a good choice for online payments. What makes it popular is its ease of use. Pricing methods and fees are easy to understand and transparent. There are no long-term contracts, even if you wish to set up business accounts.

Fast and simple transactions are key features of this platform. Also, most of its functionalities are customisable. It emphasises security aspects as well. As a result, when you are looking for safe, secure and simple payment options online, Square can be a good alternative to PayPal.

When it comes to processing fees, there is a charge of 2.6% and 10 cents on contactless payments.


This is a transfer service which acts as an eWallet. By opening an account here you can add on the bank account and card details. When making payments or money transfers you need not divulge such details, simply your Neteller wallet ID. It allows users to directly transfer money as well as withdraw funds from it with no or negligible fees. It is a low-cost payment gateway for small businesses as well.

Google pay

This is a popular method to make payments online as well as purchases at stores. It uses near field communication; it also enables peer to peer payments.

Apple pay

This is another sensible option for online shopping. You can also use Apple Pay to make web payments or within apps. It also enables peer to peer payment transfers.

Amazon pay

This is a useful UPI, mainly for those who frequently buy or sell on Amazon. It can also act as a handy online payment solution for different websites. There are many casinos as well which have this UPI listed as a payment method.


Besides the above options, there are many other online payment services such as WePay, Razorpay, Braintree and others. When choosing a PayPal alternative ensures that you find the right advantages with the platform that you are signing up with. Also, it should help you get rewards and cashback to make your transactions on the platform more profitable.

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