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The best country to travel to for a nose job is Turkey

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10th May 21 2:48 pm

When you think of Turkey, wonderful food, very good weather, welcoming people and good prices for certain goods come to mind. However, in the last years, Turkey has started to make a name for itself in another department. Medical tourism. Even though there is a pandemic going on, people who want to have surgery are still coming to Turkey.

They have a very good reason though, apart from the very good standard of services, state of the art hospitals and doctors that are very experienced in their fields, there is also one more thing that separates Turkey from the UK, that it’s the prices for the procedures that patients want. This is also one of the reasons why medical tourists are still coming to Turkey. Medical tourism has become an important part of Turkey’s economy and to be able to serve the huge amounts of medical tourists that are visiting, hotels, transfers and hospitals are taking extra steps to protect everyone.

Everyone knew Turkey was a country to go for the holidays. But now it is also a country where you can get your nose job Turkey. Turkey has made a lot of investments to its doctors and the hospitals, because of this, the condition of services have risen and the machines are state of the art. Obviously, after all these investments, Turkey became known for being the hub to get procedures. So much so that people aren’t frightened to come even during the pandemic!

One of the Europe’s biggest medical tourism company- Clinic Center

With 4 offices, one of them being in London, UK, Clinic Centre patients can get hair transplantation, cosmetic surgery and cosmetic dentistry procedures by experienced doctors at modern and internationally recognised hospitals and clinics by connecting up to date technology and the latest surgical techniques at reasonable prices in Turkey.

Plastic surgeons, dentists and trichologists with the collaboration of Clinic Centre have operated on more than 3000 patients from England, Scotland, Wales, North America, Europe, New Zealand, Australia, Africa and the Middle East, every year.

Additionally, Clinic centre was given the ‘Whatclinic Patient Service Award’ for 4 years in a row and also had numberless interviews with Fortune 500 magazine and was asked to come to many medical conferences to do presentations.

The procedures you can get done with Clinic Center

You may wonder what Clinic Center does surgery wise. For aesthetic operations; liposuction, vaser liposuction, boob job reduction mammoplasty, mastopexy, thighplasty, BBL, rhytidectomy, platysmaplasty, nose job, chin augmentation, forehead lift, blepharoplasty, abdominoplasty, and brachioplasty are some of them. Recently getting a nose job Turkey operation has become favoured.

In the hair transplant part, Clinic Center also does the normal hair transplant. But it also does facial hair transplant for men and brow transplant.

Dental operations are; zirconium and EMAX crowns, dental implants, dental veneers, and Hollywood smile.

All-inclusive package deal

Clinic Center asserts that, they work to give the highest possible service to their patients during their time in Turkey for their surgery.

They also added, “We only want our patients to concentrate on their surgery, we sort out the hotel and transfers, so they can just rest before and after their surgery. In the package there is also a medical garment for their aesthetic surgery. Whilst they are on their way to the hospital or clinic, they will have a host with them to help them with the paper work.” The package also contain a consultation in London office, and for patients who live in the UK, the package also has physical assistance.

London consultation

Consultations in London are done with precautions for the health and safety of our patients and personnel at the office because of COVID-19. Whilst they are at the London office, the patient receives a custom-tailored service from start to finish, meaning when the consultation has ended the patient will go back home knowing that all the questions have been replied. So, once they are in Turkey, important questions will have been answered.

Unique aftercare service

Clinic Center is the only clinic in Europe that provides aftercare in the UK. So once the patients are back home in the UK, Clinic Center continues to check up on them. Another feature that separates them from other places is that the aftercare is provided by 25 different clinics in London, Birmingham, and Manchester. Additionally, the aftercare team is always in contact with the patients and are always there for them for a year, whilst they are healing.

Finance alternatives to get your dream look

Clinic Center fully understands that any surgery has an obvious cost. Because of this, they provide finance payment choice. Patients can request this by completing a short form to get a swift decision from the creditors, the answer normally comes within 2 days. You can do partial payments, with interest fees starting from 5%, after you have had your surgery in Turkey.

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