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The benefits of steel in building structures

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15th Jul 20 4:07 pm

Levstal has been manufacturing steel products for commercial and residential buildings since its conception in 1991. It is now the industry in Estonia, where it continues to deliver high-quality output to a global client base.

Levstal’s load bearing structures provide a highly reliable complete superstructure. The innovative offerings are fire-resistant and provide many benefits over traditional construction methods, as they are light-weight, strong, and functional in a confined space. The load-bearing elements include beams, columns, walls, braces, and trusses.

Levstal has been producing metal beams for almost three decades, during which time it has gained enough expertise to offer its clients an advantageous product that is strong, thereby reducing the load on the overall structure, fire-resistant, and easy to install and maintain. The beams reduce metal consumption as a whole as the beam sections are optimally selected.

The company’s premade trusses also guarantee durability and high-quality performance in both private and non-residential buildings. The trusses’ high wear resistance makes them suitable for external and internal use, and the high-precision product is not subject to any shrinkage, deformation, or structural changes.

The company also manufactures a variety of other steel structures, including ceilings, fences and gates, stairs, cellular towers, and road safety barriers, all of which are guaranteed to possess great longevity. Levstal’s steel ceilings are primarily used for non-residential properties, and they provide many benefits, including strength, accessibility, and comfort. Its fences and gates utilize carbon construction and stainless steel, providing a stronger and more lightweight finished product. Levstal’s highly engineered steel staircases are popular systems for residential, domestic, and commercial properties, and its commercial portfolio also includes communications, transmission, radio, television, and antenna towers. The company’s road safety barriers, steel tunnel linings, and highway signs are manufactured from carbon steel, stainless steel, copper, nickel alloys, and titanium.

Levstal has extensive certifications that ensure the longevity of its metal superstructures, and it has successfully served over 500 clients across the globe, from Europe to South and North America. With a diverse portfolio, a highly trained staff of more than 100 employees, and expertise that has been fine-tuned over three decades, Levstal is the reliable choice to craft your steel structures.

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