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The benefits of SIEM Software

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29th Aug 22 3:45 pm

Security Information and Event Management or “SIEM” is one of the most important and effective tools for protecting businesses from potential threats. It can be very useful for IT departments. It’s a type of software that can provide numerous tools for identifying and detecting external and internal threats to networks and systems.

What is it?

SIEM tool is software that is a combination of both security event management (SEM) and security information management (SIM). It’s comprehensive software that helps monitor networks and provides real-time alerts for potential threats or identified threads. By itself, SEM effectively centralises both the storage and interpretation of logs. Whereas, SIM gathers important data for further get analysed in reports. When you combine the two, it provides a comprehensive set of solutions to provide expeditious analysis and pinpoint identification of real-time security concerns and threats.

What are the benefits of the software?

In IT, real-time monitoring is invaluable. IT departments need to be able to quickly detect and identify potential threats. This software helps to detect important security events that allow IT departments to isolate problems and come up with solutions. Some of the benefits that this software can deliver to businesses include:

  • Boosting efficiency
  • Preventing breaches
  • Minimising the impact of security breaches
  • Save money
  • More accurate reporting, better log collection, better analysis, and improved retention
  • Better IT compliance

Here is a much more in-depth look at some of the most critical benefits that SIEM can deliver to a business.

1. Boosted efficiency

Having this software tightly integrated into your systems can do wonders for the efficiency of IT departments. The software can easily and automatically gather important log events from various devices across different networks. This allows IT staff to quickly use the logs to identify problems and figure out solutions. It also gives much more data that can be used to check activity and improve the speed at which one can analyse files. This helps staff complete tasks much easier so they can focus more of their energy and time doing other more important things. It can help to expedite the reporting process throughout the business.

2. Preventing breaches and minimising the impact of breaches

As mentioned, it can help reduce the negative impact of a breach. The key thing that needs to be done with a breach is to act swiftly. Because SIEM software can provide real-time security events, it allows personnel to act quicker. They can respond much faster to security breaches and it allows them to reduce the negative impact of the breach in total. This helps to minimise the financial cost of the breach and also the amount of damage that incurs.

By spotting the breach in the early stages or by detecting the security event before it happens, the team can work to prevent any damage from resulting. These are only a few of the ways this software can improve the overall security and protection of your business.

While this software isn’t brand new to the IT space, it’s still one of the best tools to utilise to protect your business. It’s more than worth considering adding to your IT mix to enhance the overall security of your IT infrastructure.

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