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Ten important travel tips for Brits visiting America

by John Saunders
16th Sep 21 1:19 pm

Every year there are millions of people who are traveling to the United States. And among such travellers, the maximum people who travel are British travellers. Some of the popular places to visit in the United States are New York City and Orlando. British travellers mostly travel and explore the places like San Francisco, Las Vegas, and Los Angeles, etc. The citizens who are a part of the visa waiver program countries, who enter the USA need an ESTA urgent approval if they have not received the visa for travelling to the United States and it includes infants too.

1. ESTA: When should you apply

So, you need to check online whether your country is included in the visa waiver program. If so, then you don’t have to apply for a visa. You will have to directly apply for ESTA. One of the important things that British travelers should know before traveling to the US is that they should apply for an ESTA before leaving the United States. ESTA means an electronic system for travel authorisation. They should apply for an ESTA 72 hours before they leave their country. The ESTA costs up to $14 and it is valid for a period of 2 years. Without an ESTA there are certain conditions that the passenger might face, like no entry in the country, they might also experience delayed procession when they arrive, etc.

2. Paying tips

Apart from that when you visit the US and stay in a hotel. It is very important for you to pay the tips to the waiters and the waitresses. If you don’t leave a fair amount of tip for the waiters then it is clearly seen as an insult. They expect a tip of up to 15% to 20% for good services which they provide. And the same applies when you sit in a bar. Plus, you should also pay a good amount of tips to the porters of the hotel and bellhops. (People who carry luggage in the hotel up to several staircases, etc.).

3. Safety when renting a car

Plus, when you take a car for rent, you should be very cautious. One of the reasons is that of crime. Though such crimes committed against the tourists who take a car on rent are no more there, still you should be cautious. The car that you are taking on rent should not have a license plate on it so that it will become easy for people to spot the rental car.

4. Never drive alone

Plus, one of the important things to note, you should never drive alone from any deserted urban area and you should never stop your car when someone is waving at you or your car – trying to point that something is wrong with your car.

5. While driving in the US

Whilst you are driving, if you get hit by a car accidently from behind, then you should not stop the car, you should keep driving and stop the car in some busy street and then call 911 for help. Plus, the most important keep your valuables like cash, etc. out of sight or in the glove compartments.

6. Adapters may be different in the US

One point to note while you are in a hotel is that the plugs of the hotel are two-pronged, so some of the traveler’s plug adapters may not fit in the sockets. So, these are some of the important points –tips that people should know before traveling to the US, and especially for those people who plan to travel all by themselves in the US by renting a car, etc.

7. ESTA number

Plus, it is also important for travellers to know that they should have their ESTA number or card with them. It is because it can be asked at the time of high-security alerts or checking, so you should have the number with you.

8. Co-operate with customs official

When you arrive in the US, the customs officials will confirm with you that you have a return i.e. onward ticket, and enough funds to stay in the US. They will also ask you about the place where you are staying and will take the address of the hotel or any place where you reside.

9. Get digital scanning

Plus, it is very important that the traveller should undergo the US-Visit process at the time of immigration, in which both the index fingers of yours will be digitally scanned. For a while, you can also take a digital headshot.

10. Become a member of the AAA

Besides, that when visiting the US, make sure that you take a free map by the state’s tourist office. You can also buy a map from the petrol stations which will cost you around $3. The AAA association provides free maps to its members including the British members. So, you can look forward to joining the AAA and become a member. Then you can avail of various kinds of benefits by the AAA including any kind of assistance that you may need during your stay in the US.

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