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Ten countries offering the best property deals right now

by Sarah Dunsby
21st Feb 24 11:09 am

The global property market has seen quite unexpected twists and turns. Most locales known for their opulence now house hidden pockets of soon-to-be premium settlement. On the flip side, even lesser-known regions are beginning to show signs of a major boom. This provides an avenue for investors with the right strategy and an opportunity to snag what are the best property deals right now.

We have, in no particular order, the Top 10:


In 2023, Singapore maintained a notable distinction in housing affordability between public and private properties. The current market reveals the average monthly rent for a single apartment in the city is between $1,854 and $4,080. Outside the city, much less can get you even more. Larger apartments can be had for $3,765 per month, while property purchases cost between $15,172 and $29,546 per square meter.

Much anticipated events like the Clementi Ave 1 new launch have investors noticeably holding out. The reason is that this development promises relative affordability and appreciation potential.

South Africa

South Africa’s real estate landscape has seen a modest decline in average housing prices, with a 4% drop in 2023. As property values are at a modest low, this presents a unique opportunity for savvy buyers. For renters, apartment prices in the city center are still quite competitive, with 1-bedroom flats in Johannesburg starting at $387.

Around the outskirts, it gets even better. Similar single-room apartments average $319 per month; some even go as low as $238. Larger rental apartments within the city can be acquired with a budget of $700 to $1,500 for a three-bedroom. A similar apartment on the outskirts might go for around $640 per month.

As for purchasing property, you can find a neat pad between $58,211 to $105,838, depending on the size and amenities available.


In France, the property market can be steep, especially in hotspots like Paris and Nice. However, a little search reveals plenty and affordable gems tucked away in the countryside. Take Toulouse, for example. The pink city with its brick walls and amber rooftops. In this dreamland, properties are being leased for as low as $644 to $891 per month, and venturing to nearby towns can yield even better deals. As for bigger condos within the town, they can be had for somewhere short of $1,611 to $2,700 monthly.

As for buying

The average price for an apartment in Toulouse lingers around $5,150 per square meter, with fixer-uppers costing even less. Inside the city, this range extends from $4,168 to as much as $6,446 per square meter, while the outskirts promise much better prices.


Property in the luxurious center of this Middle Eastern city is constantly in demand. It’s no surprise, considering an average studio apartment in the city costs between $2,194 to $4,166 monthly.

However, places like Silicon Oasis take affordability to heart and are known for being budget-friendly, even to students and remote workers. Some studio apartments cost as low as $1,335 per month, and others even go down to $833. For property purchases, the average price per square meter comes to around $5,722 per square meter.


Thailand’s property market offers a plethora of options. For instance, a single apartment in the city center averages around $671, with prices ranging from $416.67 to $1,250.00. Outside the city center, however, a similar apartment might go for as low as $309 on average and sometimes reach down the $300 range.

A larger condo might cost you $1,620 per month, but if you’re willing to look further out, 3-bedroom apartments drop to around $882. As for property purchase, the cost per square meter offerings range from a mouth-watering high of $8,333 in the city to an affordable $3,794 in the outskirts.


The North American Market is known for scary prices and cut throat financing. As a result, investors are gradually venturing into the southern American property space in search of competitive pricing. Economic and political challenges have affected the Brazilian property market in recent years. Lower property prices present opportunities for buyers with a long-term investment horizon.

On average, prices for apartments in Brazil range between $100,000 to $1.69 million. Renting offers tend to fall between $221 to $604 for single rooms. While multi-room apartments often fall from $422 to $1,208.


In Lisbon, the average house prices are notably high, starting at about $6,448 per square meter. But in Porto, a vibrant Portuguese city renowned for historic charm and wine production. The average house price drops to approximately $3,407 per square meter. However, with a substantial growth of more than 7% in the last year, this might change soon.


Greece’s property market offers some of the most affordable options in Europe, particularly in areas outside major cities and tourist hotspots. In the city center, the price per square meter for purchasing an apartment is around $3,076.53. For renters, the average monthly rent for a single-room apartment ranges from $453.60 to $756.00.

Outside the city center, the same apartment averages around $432.00 to $648.00 per month. A studio apartment in the city commands an average monthly rent of about $1,069.45. Whereas similar three bedrooms in nearby towns might cost $100 less.


According to reports, Germany’s housing market is experiencing what experts call a freefall. With a 1.4% drop in prices, it offers a similar prospect as South Africa does to investors in search to buy low and sell high.

Currently, property prices per square meter hover around $3,231 to $3,479, with the lowest prices being in East Germany. Within the city center, rental properties average $648, with $430 for properties further out.


Reports say that Turkey is about to witness an 11.6% growth, by an estimated $99.05 billion by this year. Despite an 11% inflation in house prices, the country as a whole grew by 32.39% year-over-year in April 2021, with 28.56% of that growth occurring in Istanbul. As of now, rentals range from $ 421 to $680 per month.

Properties start from $180 per square meter, with an average property costing a humble $50,000.

But with the current growth, these rates will definitely be on the rise soon.


This article serves as an enlightenment on how globalization has brought about the localization of the world property market.

By investing in properties worldwide, you not only provide yourself with unlimited earning potential but also grow the world economy.


The above information does not constitute any form of advice or recommendation by London Loves Business and is not intended to be relied upon by users in making (or refraining from making) any finance decisions. Appropriate independent advice should be obtained before making any such decision. London Loves Business bears no responsibility for any gains or losses.

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