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Street Stream: The same day courier industry gets the Uber and Airbnb disintermediation model

15th May 17 12:43 pm

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In an e-commerce age a delivery is often the first human experience someone has of a company and it is not always positive. Unfortunately, the courier industry doesn’t always have a good reputation for providing quality customer experience.

But this is changing.

Street Stream is the first delivery company to deploy the Uber and Airbnb models of disintermediation in the delivery industry.

Street Stream uniquely allows customers to choose their courier, before putting them in direct contact, and then finally asking the customer to rate their experience. This builds a positive relationship between all parties (vendor-courier-purchaser) and encourages good customer service from the courier.

By being empowered to be their own boss, and by having direct contact with the end customer throughout the booking, Street Stream’s couriers are regularly scoring five stars –  which is unheard of in the industry. Even more surprising is the fact companies are starting to request their favourite courier; the one they feel is most suited to represent their brand.

Street Stream was started in order to leverage the network effect for efficient and timely deliveries, however it has ended up going much further than that, producing a platform to book the most reliable, punctual, friendliest and most engaging couriers available.

This approach is seeing Street Stream far outstrip industry growth, achieving a geometric growth rate of 24 per cent per month from inception up to January 2017. This represents more than 12,000 jobs in total.

Street Stream has become strong in the premium same-day delivery space, where the emphasis is on quality, reliability and timeliness. As a result, many of its customers operate in the high-end luxury goods markets including wine and champagne, artisan foods, coffee, chocolate and flowers. Customers can choose time windows as narrow as 30 minutes, which in today’s busy lifestyle frees time up for both the company and customer.

Off the back of a successful Crowdcube crowdfunding raise in 2016, which was oversubscribed in raising £150,000 in just eleven days, Street Stream has made a number of significant improvements to its platform.

It now has an API (application programming interface) that allows companies to white label the Street Stream service, essentially plugging in an extremely advanced same-day or on-demand delivery option to their current e-commerce site. To allow them to target larger, high volume clients, Street Stream has also introduced options for multiple job uploads and larger invoice accounts.

Street Stream has recently launched a second equity crowdfunding campaign on Crowdcube to fund further growth and expansion across the UK. See: www.crowdcube.com/street-stream

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