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Starting a merchandise line: Print on demand dropshipping for content creators

by Sarah Dunsby
13th Dec 22 3:54 pm

People who have some kind of following either on social media or Youtube not only create content but also often produce their own branded products. It is usually called merchandise or merch for short and it can be anything that you want from t-shirts to phone cases. Are you a Youtuber, blogger, or content creator, who is interested in starting your own merch line? If so, keep reading and learn more!

Why create merch?

Merchandising for content creators is just another way to connect more deeply with the audience. People who watch or read your content are eager to learn more about you, learn more about your brand and even be the ambassadors of your brand if the message you are delivering speaks to them. And the easiest way for them to do it is to buy something that represents your label.

Another reason for creating merch is if you have always wanted to have a physical shop or to create a physical product. It is not uncommon for content creators to have an idea or dream for physical items  – they are creators after all and they are excited to create on all fronts. Some creators even go so far that they don’t call it merch or side hustle but create a separate business for physical products. It all depends on your wants and needs but either way, a merch line can be a good start to see what your audience likes as well as if you like the work with physical products.

And to note the obvious, It is also a great way to earn some extra money. Your audience gets a piece of you (in a way) by buying your product and they are happy, and you get another monetary income, which is always a good thing. If you start out by printing on demand dropshipping services for your merch, you are not even risking a lot of investment in the project, so there is really almost no downside to starting a merch line.

Print on demand dropshipping

The best way to start an easy merch line is with print on demand dropshipping. It is a way for you to create a printed design for different items, starting from t-shirts, hoodies, and tote bags to wallpaper. How print on demand dropshipping works – you create a design that goes on an item of your choosing. You list it in your shop and advertise it on your channels. Once you get an order, you pass this order to your print on demand supplier, which then prints the item, packs it, and ships it out. With this method you don’t have to pre-buy any physical items, you purchase them only when there is an order.

When print on demand dropshipping is right for you as a content creator

  1. You want an easily maintainable merch line. Something to share with the fans but you don’t want to go overboard with managing designs, items, warehouse, etc.
  2. You don’t have a big following yet, but you want to start selling some merchandise.
  3. You want a side business to your content creator career.
  4. You are not into design or physical product creation, but see it as a good opportunity to grow your brand and audience loyalty.
  5. Your fans have been asking for it for years.

When print on demand dropshipping is not right for you as a content creator:

  1. If you want to oversee the physical item printing process from the start to the end yourself. Print on demand is more of an outsource thing where you trust your outsource partner to do things right.
  2. If you want to be involved in the actual design of the item, not just the print. Usually, a print on demand partner already has an inventory of items they are willing to print/customize. You can speak to a print on demand supplier to add a different item, but it will not be custom-made just for you.
  3. If you have always wanted to make a physical product line that you create from the start to the final product. It includes the design of the items, and materials, choosing merchants, etc. This goes under the category “another business for your physical items”.

What products are the best merch

What products to choose for your merch really depends on your personal preferences as well as your audience’s needs. A good place to start is a simple hoodie or t-shirt. Even though it is a basic item, it is an item that everyone still wears very often. And people don’t mind another cute t-shirt, but they might be reluctant to purchase, for example, a new phone case since we don’t tend to change them as often as t-shirts.

How to start a merch line

If you are going for a print on demand dropshipping merch line, the start is easy.

  1. You need to find a reliable print on demand partner. We recommend printseekers.com . They have quality products, great reviews, and amazing customer service. If you are looking for a print on demand supplier, they are definitely worth checking out!
  2. Once you have found a partner, check out their item offer, talk to their representatives and see how you overall like their work.
  3. If you are satisfied so far, it is a good time to start working on those designs. You can start creating designs before choosing a print on demand supplier, of course, but keep in mind that after talking to your supplier, you will have the knowledge of what is possible in the printing area and what is not and that can help you create better designs in better quality.
  4. Once you have a design, definitely ask your print on demand supplier for a test product. Usually, companies are willing to send out for free one or two of their items to you, so you can check the quality and shipping.
  5. If you are satisfied with the item and print, it is time to create an e-commerce shop! The easiest way is to use platforms that are built for this, for example, Shopify. You can also use WordPress, SquareSpace, or Wix.
  6. And once your e-commerce shop is live, just start wearing your merch, and show it off in your videos, social media, or blog photos. Keep mentioning it and people will start buying.


Starting the first merch line is easy if you are going for a print on demand drop shipping type business. Just find a partner, dream up your designs and start selling! And you can see where it goes from there – maybe in time, you will open a fashion line that is designed just by you or you and your fans will be fully satisfied with your printed merch. It all depends on your brand and what you like to do with your business!

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