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Spain and Lithuania demand the EU ‘immediately’ impose ‘an embargo on Russian oil and gas’

by LLB political Reporter
28th Apr 22 1:49 pm

The Lithuanian Foreign Minister Gabrielius Landsbergis and Spanish Foreign Minister Jose Manuel Albares held a joint press conference on Thursday demanding the EU to impose “an embargo on Russian oil and gas.”

They have jointly said that the EU must sanction all “oil and gas imports from Russia” and Spain announced that they are also fully committed to “defend NATO’s eastern flank.”

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Landsbergis and Albares said in Vilnius, “A discussion on the need for an embargo on Russian oil and gas has been ongoing for several weeks.

“Lithuania and Spain share the opinion and position that this must be done immediately.”

Albares said, “Spain is fully committed to defending our values and defending NATO’s eastern flank, and therefore, we are actively participating in patrolling the airspace of the Baltic countries with eight F-18 fighter aircraft based in Siauliai, which I will visit today.

“We both agree that we should keep pressure on Russia, and the sanctions imposed by the international community are already affecting the Russian economy.”

The Spanish Foreign Minister was asked at the press conference if he believes that the EU would adopt a package of sanctions on Russian oil soon?

He replied, “But we also understand that not all countries are equally vulnerable and not all have the same ties with Russia, and we are also keen on preserving the European Union’s unity.”

Landsbergis said the meeting with Albares was mainly focused on assistance for Ukraine and the strengthening of the security of the region and NATO as a whole.

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