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Six factors to look out for when planning your business app

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16th Nov 21 12:42 pm

Everything around us is digitalised. Even money is getting digitalised through the many cryptocurrencies, so running a business without an online presence is a huge mistake. Your company must have a functional website, social media pages, and a business app.

In 2020, there were 218 billion app downloads in the world. This number explains how important it is to have your own app. Having one means your business will grow, and your clients will be more satisfied. If you don’t have one yet, you should hire a custom mobile app development team. Check out what are the six factors to look out for before hiring anyone.

1. Thoroughly research the market

Before starting, you should inspect the competitors’ apps. See what they have and the pattern they’ve been following, and ask the development team to do the same and improve what was done wrong in the competitors’ apps.

If you manage to develop an app that will be better than the competition and provide better services to the consumers, you can expect to get more clients. If you don’t know what the market holds, you won’t see what you can do better.

2. See if your app can solve your clients’ problems

The most important thing to mind when thinking about your new business app is what problems it will solve for your clients. If it solves no problems, then no one is going to use it. However, it will be highly valuable if it does, and many of them will download it. The main point of developing an app is to see it serve the needs of your clients.

3. Make sure you get a custom-made app

Since every company is different, it’s only logical that you should get a product that will be different than anything out there. Many developers will get an already made app and just tweak it a little to get something that you’ll think is original.

Ask the developers to create something from scratch. You don’t want to see clients recognise the same product elsewhere. Additionally, you should offer unique functions and services, which can only be done by custom app development.

4. Provide an offline version

The best thing about apps is that they can work on the device even if there’s no internet. It doesn’t matter what industry you’re in; you should let your clients operate the app at all times, and if they want to make specific changes, let the app do them when a connection is re-established.

5. Get total control over the notifications

The notifications you can send to your clients when they download the app is highly powerful tool. You should have constant access to what you send as notifications, and that’s what you should tell the developers.

You should be able to send your news, discounts, and any other type of information that needs an instant reception by your customers. Still, keep in mind that too many notifications will be annoying, and users may turn off messages incoming from your app.

6. Develop both Android and iOS versions

These two operative systems are the leading ones in the app business. Android is on top with 3,482,452 apps as of the first quarter of 2021, while iOS has 2,226,823. It means that most users have these stores, and you should be part of both.

Ask the development team to create the app for both operative systems. It is known that there are more Android users, but Apple users have more buying power, which is why you want to have the best from both worlds.


You should consider these six points with absolute dedication and care. You can’t just walk into the app development company and tell them your name. They need to know everything about your business if you want to get a fantastic product.

If both of you communicate perfectly, then be sure that you’ll come up with an awesome app for your business that will make all your clients happy. As you already know, a happy customer is a returning customer, and a retaining client is the most valuable one for any company.

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