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Six cool things you should get for yourself this Summer

by John Saunders
26th Jul 19 2:43 pm

Summer is here and it’s an amazing time to go out there and do all the things you love to do. It’s the season to be active, to spend time with family and friends, and come back to a nice and comfy home after a fulfilling day.

Some of the most important things for a person are happiness, health, and lifestyle. There are quite a few immaterial things you need to support these but there are also some material things that make life easy.

Keeping all of the above in mind, below is a mix of some cool things you should get this summer that will make you happy and keep you healthy by becoming a part of your day-to-day life.

  1. Protein coffee

Drinking coffee is easy to take for granted, but it is truly the most amazing creation. Each sip takes you to a foreign land where coffee beans hug you endlessly and insist that you smell them upon waking and sleeping each day. I think it’s safe to say that coffee has saved people through some difficult times.

Now, imagine how elated coffee makes you feel (like you’ve been crowned as king/queen of the world), and then think of happier times. Happier feelings. Protein coffee will make all of those blissful moments feel mildly average.

Complete Nutrition is a brand I came across recently and I was very impressed. You can choose from a variety of protein coffees, all based on what you desire to get out of drinking it.

You can search for coffees based on your goals. Whether you need some detox and cleansing, a metabolism boost, or weight loss, protein coffee has every goal available.

Before I tried Complete Nutrition, I used to dream of caramel lattes as I sat in class, as I desperately tried to retain the words that my professor was going on about for the last two hours. But then I tried their Ultimate Nutrition Coffee.

Their Ultimate Nutrition coffee has helped me maintain my daily nutritional intake, which is something that I struggled with greatly before I started drinking protein coffee.

The caramel frappe flavor is heavenly. I used to think that a regular caramel latte was good, but the caramel frappe has kicked that fantasy aside.

Adding protein to your daily intake is so important, and multivitamins help boost it as well. I searched based on my goals and since I purchased it, I have been healthier and happier.

Protein coffee is the perfect gift to treat yourself with. It is healthy and tasty. It is practical and personable. This gift might just change the way you look at coffee forever.

  1. Custom Star Map

Sometimes, buying a gift for yourself feels better than receiving one from others. Because who knows what you want more than yourself? A custom star map is an adorable and memorable gift that you can put on display in your home, or wherever you are.

A custom star map is a map of the sky. It is printed on beautiful paper and it displays how the stars were arranged in the sky on a certain date. Whether you want to remember the day that you got your first job or the day you got married, the star map is so easy to create.

On Twinkle in Time, purchasing a star map is as easy as buying it in a store. You simply enter your desired date, and which design you want. You can also add a customized message.

A star map is a unique way to remember a special day. It’s a heartfelt gift, even if you’re buying it for yourself.

  1. Mini Waffle Maker

Waffles are arguably the most delicious breakfast foods to have ever existed. They’re fluffy and flavorful and super easy to make. If there is ever one of those mornings when you have some time to sit and enjoy a quiet breakfast before you leave for a hectic day, investing in a waffle maker is the move.

The Dash Mini Maker is the cutest little waffle maker. Just having it in your kitchen will make the whole room look cozier and prettier. This waffle maker is miniature size, so if you’re going on vacation or a business trip, your waffles can come along!

This machine is small and compact and is made with non-stick surfaces, so say goodbye to those days when you would aggressively try to scrape your waffle out of the pan only to ruin the entire thing.

The best part about this waffle maker is its many abilities. This small machine can make hash browns, paninis, and small pizzas. It’s the perfect gift to buy yourself if you want easy and quick meals in the mornings or at any time of the day. Because waffles can be dinner food too. Right?

  1. Kool8 Water Bottle

Reusable water bottles have been trendy for quite a while now. Even though plastic water bottles are still prevalent today, reusable ones have slowly been taking over. Plastic water bottles add waste to the environment, and by simply purchasing a reusable one, a significant amount of that waste would be decreased.

Now, the question is which reusable water bottle to buy. The clear and correct answer to that is – the Kool8 water bottle.

The Kool8 is hands down the best water bottle that has ever been created. It will keep your water cold for 24 hours, and your hot beverages steaming for 12 hours. Most companies will claim this to be true, but the Kool8 does what it claims to do.

No matter how long you leave this bottle lying around, the liquid that you put in at the beginning of the day will undoubtedly still be at the same temperature. It’s unbelievable!

The Kool8 is made with stainless steel, making it extremely difficult to damage. Additionally, it has double-walled insulation so nothing will escape the bottle which is why it works so effectively. This precise and intricate invention was voted the best water bottle of 2019 by Cool Things Chicago.

A detailed review  online highlights all of the Kool8’s abilities, including its built-in tea infuser. It also sheds light on the fact that 20 percent of each purchase goes to countries without effective water systems.

If you are even thinking about buying a reusable water bottle, you need to go with the Kool8.

  1. Massager Pillow

Massages can relieve all of the stress that you have ever had in one quick hour. All of that pressure will slowly dissipate. But massages are also expensive. That’s why the VIKTOR JURGEN Massage Pillow is the most amazing pillow.

This massage pillow has a built-in kneader, and you can choose one of four directions, with or without heat. The massage nodes are adjustable, so it can be personalized. This massage pillow was specifically made to feel like actual hands, giving you a real massage experience.

The VIKTOR JURGEN massage pillow will relieve sores and tight muscles, all while you’re in the comfort of your own home. This pillow will knead away as you feel lighter and more relaxed. If you’ve been feeling like you need a proper spa day, light some scented candles and let this pillow help you feel whole again.

Each of these gifts is worth investing in, and you deserve to be pampered. Indulging is important, and these deeply intricate gifts will make you feel light and lively this summer!

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