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Simple steps to starting an online betting business

by Sarah Dunsby
24th Feb 19 2:28 pm

Starting and managing an online betting business is hard work. This is particularly because this industry is very competitive and has registered a consistent growth over the past years with more operators joining this industry.

However, in order to build a successful betting businiess, you need to put ongoing efforts such as meeting the legal frameworks and developing a strong marketing strategy. Below are some steps that you should follow when starting an online betting business in order to stay ahead of the competition.

1. Carefully choose your iGaming software provider

Before you start, you want to take time to choose a reliable tech partner for your iGaming platform. Since you will be forming a long-term partnership with your provider, you want to ensure that they are knowledgeable of the online gaming industry. They should also have extensive experience in successfully launching online casinos.

Furthermore, you want a software provider that is flexible to your needs and offers key features and products. Basically, a good software provider will offer features in a white-label solution that includes: a gambling license, numerous payment options that support multi-currency, access to a wide variety of international casino games, large coverage of betting markets, customizable front-end, and customer support.

Before you make a final decision, evaluate the contract templates of various business partners and choose the one that is most convenient and affordable for you.

2. Obtain gambling license

While the betting and online business are lucrative, it is not easy to build it. In order to successfully and legally run this business, you need to obtain a gambling license. Make sure that you are informed about the regulatory requirements of different jurisdictions. For instance, you should know the legal frameworks that govern the gaming industry which includes:

  • Countries that regulate online gambling
  • Countries that banned online gaming
  • Countries that do not have regulations on gaming activities

Since you will be providing the gambling activities, it is important that you decide on which country you will attain your gambling license. It does not have to be your country of residence.

Regulatory requirements can also be added or changed which you’ll need to adapt to. The team behind Casino-professor.com, an affiliate website specialised in licensed online casinos, explains that consultations are regularly taken by the various licensing bodies on how to make gambling safer. This can lead to additional measures being put in place. “You’ll need to be ready to make any necessary adjustments to continue to adhere to your license obligations”, says Antti Alatalo, the Marketing Director of Cashcow.

Alternatively, you could choose to become a licensee of your software provider. This is a good option since you will operate legally without the need to obtain your own license.  Besides, you could end up saving a lot of time and money on your initial investment. However, when your gambling business starts to generate serious money, it is recommendable to obtain your own license.

3. Select your payment provider

As a business owner, you need to make agreements with different payment system providers so you can provide your players with multiple payment options. Keep an eye on the methods of payment that offer a secure and stress-free environment in order to improve the gaming experience for your players. Be sure to incorporate traditional payment methods like vouchers and credit cards, which is a popular method of payment on the internet. The bitcoin currency which is also gaining popularity will improve your chances of getting more customers.

At the same time, you can choose an iGaming software provider that offer services such as payment processing platform, multi-currency support, fraud detection, advanced risk management, and integration with key e-merchants. When choosing a software provider, look for one that can deliver a flexible payment processing platform that conforms to several jurisdictions worldwide.

4. Set up a gambling website

Setting up a gaming business requires you to build an attractive website that will give you a competitive advantage over other betting websites. The most successful online betting companies have simple designs and an average of 45- 50 games initially. Therefore, you need to ensure that your website is simply designed and avoid complicated graphics like movies.

Also, do not load your website with gratuitous graphics that may affect the loading time and slow down the website. This can affect the gaming experience of players, and they are more likely to leave your site and go to a competitor’s website.  Additionally, make sure that you create your own front end. An important tip is to ensure that your front end guarantees a flawless integration with your database.

5. Consider what to include on your website

Once you have set up your online gaming website, you need to decide what the website will be about. For instance, will it only be about sports betting or will it also include other popular casino games like poker, slots, blackjack and bingo? Will you add a live casino module like live video streams so as to give players a casino vibe in their homes? Another question to ask yourself is whether you will require additional features on your site such as bonus creation options, real-time chat rooms, or player’s statistics.

6. Consider integrating GamStop for responsible gaming or not

When establishing your online betting platform, it’s advisable to seriously consider integrating GamStop. This responsible gambling tool allows users to voluntarily exclude themselves from online gambling sites, promoting a safer and more controlled gaming environment. By incorporating GamStop, you not only adhere to regulatory standards but also demonstrate a commitment to player well-being. This decision can enhance your platform’s reputation, foster trust among users, and contribute to the overall responsible gaming culture. In particular, bookmakers not on GamStop offer access to various gambling games, bonuses and payment systems without restrictions. Prioritizing the inclusion of such features aligns your business with ethical practices, ensuring a positive experience for both players and the longevity of your online betting venture.

Not incorporating GamStop can potentially attract players who prefer fewer restrictions on their gambling activities. On betting sites not on gamstop, users can access a variety of gambling games such as slots, poker, roulette and more without restrictions. This decision may appeal to a specific segment of the market seeking a more open-ended gaming experience. Additionally, without GamStop restrictions, your platform might attract users who have not opted for self-exclusion, potentially expanding your user base. However, it’s essential to carefully weigh these potential advantages against the importance of promoting responsible gaming practices and adhering to regulatory expectations in the long run.

7. Implement an E=effective marketing strategy

The other tip to starting a successful online betting business is by developing a sound marketing strategy and implementing it on all stages. The online gaming market is very competitive; hence, you need to plan on how to get new players to your gaming business as well as retain existing ones. Here is what to do to become successful in the online gaming industry.

  • Positioning– Before you come up with a strategy, it is wise to research your competitors and determine what steps you can take to become different from them. Then, analyze your goals, niche, and your company’s unique features and develop strategic development phases.
  • Improve the games– If you want players to stick longer on your betting site, you need to offer top-notch games from reliable game providers. Make sure that the games have an instant play option and run in numerous web browsers. Also, the games you are offering should be easy to understand.
  • Prelaunch and after launch advertising campaign– You need to do a prelaunch advertising campaign to inspire prospective clients to wait for the launch of your online betting business. For this, you can advertise using methods like publications, online advertising, presentations, and many more. For the after launch, you can promote your business using methods like online advertising, SEO, and banner networks.
  • Retention Campaign– A lot of effort must also go into increasing the retention levels. Establish an efficient website and offer manuals and demo versions that educate players on how to play the games. Have an effective customer support system where clients can call and get their issues addressed. As a business owner, you should also establish a bonus system to reward your loyal customers. You can offer loyalty programs such as Frequent Player Points (FPP) and VIP loyalty programs in order to retain players to your website.
  • Loyalty Programs– Most online operators use loyalty programs as a marketing strategy to encourage more customers to use their services. Some of the loyalty programs to consider include deposit bonuses where the player gets the bonus once they make a certain amount of deposit, no deposit bonuses where the player gets free money without needing to make a deposit and sign up deposit where players get a sign-up deposit once they register with the betting site.


If you are looking to start your online betting business, factors such as iGaming provider, gambling license, payment system, and marketing strategy should be your main focus. By following the steps described above, you will be in a better position to develop and sustain your online betting business and outweigh the competition. Researching the market beforehand has also proven to be effective in guaranteeing your success in this highly competitive industry. If you are looking for the best online real money casinos, head on to Wetten.com. This online casino offers numerous casino games including the game Gonzos Quest online spielen mit Echtgeld und Bonus.

Please play responsibly. For more information and advice visit www.begambleaware.org

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