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Shout out for the most expensive food – Caviar

by John Saunders
18th May 22 3:50 pm

What is Caviar?

Caviar – an epitome of luxurious taste, royal from the historical times until now, caviar are the eggs of sturgeon fish. These eggs are driven, processed, treated, and packaged to be sold across the globe. The most famous places where the caviar is driven are the Black Sea and the Caspian Sea. The ones originating from the Caspian Sea have also been termed Iranian Caviar or Persian Caviar. These days, technology has advanced, this is why the caviar is now produced in many places around the globe, but its main origin remains in the Black Sea and the Caspian Sea.

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What makes Caviar cost so much?

While heading to buy this mouth-watering food, it might bring a thought to your mind why caviar is so expensive? But here is the answer, caviar is expensive for a reasonable purpose. The cost of these fish caviar is due to the way they pave from their treatment to the point where it reaches your table. There includes a fine number of steps to process the roe. Among the caviars, the best caviar in the world, Beluga caviar which is driven from Beluga Sturgeon (known to be the most endangered species) and lives in the cold waters of the Caspian Sea. It is magnificent in size and can live up to 118 years. It is surprising to know that the female sturgeon don’t produce eggs for 18 years after its one cycle is over. Doesn’t it look like a time taking process?

The farmers that are concerned with processing the sturgeon caviar wait for that long to get the product – This is one of the factors why the caviar is so expensive. It is interesting that after crossing this hectic procedure, you can enjoy the royal food at your home. You can Buy Caviar online from the UK!

Important types of Caviar

Normally the original Iran caviar comes in a good variety. Each of these Caspian Sea caviars holds a royal quality. They can be categorised into caviar ranking. The caviar types ranked based on eggs texture, color, shine, taste, and form are given grades as per their quality. Among them, Beluga and Osetra are the ones that hold high quality. Here we would briefly state some of its important types.

1. The best Caviar in the world – Beluga Caviar

The most celebrated Beluga is derived from the mammoth sturgeon fish. Its roe appears to be black and glistening in appearance and has pea-sized eggs. The eggs of this type of caviar are bigger in size. It tastes creamy and can also be found in a dark greyish shade. Due to this endangered species (of Beluga), currently, it has been illegalised in the USA, however, it is still processed and sold out across the world.

2. Osetra Caviar

The fish Osetra sturgeon is smaller in size compared to the giant Beluga sturgeon. There is a massive production of Osetra caviar. As their fish is, the eggs are also smaller in size and possess marine taste. The color varies from brownish to goldish shade. These shades refer to how old the eggs are. The older roe shows off a strong taste while the new one has a lighter flavor. The lighter the color is, the older and rich in flavor along with elevated prices.

3. Caviar Almas

Here comes the expensive and rare Caspian caviar, Almas, derived from 100 years old Albino Beluga Sturgeon. The age exceeds a hundred as well. one kg of this roe is sold for about $35,000 USD! This is how it is the most expensive food in the world. It offers a nutty and creamy taste with a white to goldish tint.

Nevertheless, other caviars include Sevruga, Bowfin, salmon, whitefish, trout, lumpfish, capelin, paddlefish, and hackleback caviar – all with exclusive taste and texture. But the ones presented above are most celebrated and loved by people around.

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