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Shocking infographic shows how disabled people CAN'T access most Tube stations

by LLB Editor
7th Aug 15 8:58 am

And Central Line Tube stations are the worst

You know the frustration of getting caught out by Tubes strikes? Disabled people travelling on the Tube feel like this every day.

An infographic published by disabled charity Leonard Cheshire shows how unusable the Tube is for disabled people.

Central Line is the worst for disabled people with only one in 10 Tube station being usable.

Rather appallingly, Docklands Light Railway (DLR) is the only line that can claim to be step-free from street level to the train.

Barney Cullum, a spokesperson for Leonard Cheshire said: “Disabled people commuting to work are disproportionately affected by crowding at peak times on days when there aren’t tube strikes, even more so when there are.

“Furthermore there are many disabled people who can work and want to work, but are not currently because overcrowding prevents public transport from being accessible.

“Having accessible transport options to easily get wheelchairs users and people with other disabilities from homes to workplaces is essential for improving access to employment and education opportunities.

“We are pleased that Transport for London recently committed to making around 40 more Tube and Overground stations step-free in the next 10 years, including Victoria, Whitechapel, Tottenham Court Road and Bond Street.

“Providing accessible transport is only possible through steady investment in the network and there is still a long way to go.”

Take a look at the inforgraphic:

London Tube diabled-friendly


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