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Second EU referendum could set a precedent for new vote in Scotland

22nd May 19 3:48 pm

Ruth Davidson the Scottish Conservative leader said she fears a second European Union referendum could set a precedent in Scotland for a new independence vote.

The Tory leader questioned how pro-union politicians could oppose Scotland’s second independence referendum, should the back another EU ballot.

Yesterday Theresa May the British prime minister said will offer MPs a vote over holding another second Brexit referendum to get her Brexit agreement through the Commons.

Davidson said writing in the Scottish Daily Mail, “If we really do respect democracy in this country then political parties should try to accept the need to deliver Brexit as promptly as possible.

“The failure to do so has, justifiably, sparked a backlash in Scotland and right across the UK.

“We must listen. I’m utterly clear in my mind that we should abide by the result of the 2016 referendum or risk faith in that democracy withering on the vine.”

Davidson added, “I also fear the precedent that a second EU referendum would set if we do not.

“How can pro-union politicians like me credibly oppose indyref2 if our position is to back another EU referendum?

“I voted No and Remain in these polls. But how can you demand a rerun of a referendum result you lost but insist the one you won is upheld?”

Nicola Sturgeon, SNP leader tweeted, “The PM might not have guaranteed a second EU referendum, but her promise of a vote on one puts the Scottish Tories ‘vote for us for no more referendums on anything ever’ pitch on something of a sticky wicket. Just an amusing aside.”

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