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Russian’s told it’s ‘vital’ for them to leave as Putin does ‘not give a damn’ and is planning to ‘use nuclear weapons in Ukraine’

1st Apr 23 4:46 pm

A former Russian veteran politician has said it is “vital” Russians who can leave “should do so” warning that Vladimir Putin is planning to “use tactical nuclear weapons” in Ukraine.

Andrey Sidelnikov claims that Putin’s “intention” is to use “nuclear weapons” in the “annexed territory” of Ukraine as he believes those regions are part of the Russian Federation so it is his land and therefore he is not committing “a war crime.”

He said that the Russian leader “could not give a damn about people” who live in the annexed regions of Ukraine and warned it is Putin’s “intention” to use nuclear options in the war.

Putin’s actions are likened to, if I can’t have that land then I will nuke it and then no one can have it.

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In an interview with the Express Sidelnikov said it is fact that Putin “already views it as Russian territory” and not Ukrainian after the four regions were annexed in September 2022 by Moscow.

Speaking if there could be nuclear warfare in Ukraine, Sidelnikov said, “The intention to carry out nuclear weapons testing to me shows that they plan to use tactical nuclear weapons on the territory of Ukraine.

“Possibly on land that Putin has so far annexed and declared part of Russia.

“He already views it as Russian territory. On his territory the testing of nuclear weapons cannot be considered a war crime – that’s how he sees it.

“He could not give a damn about people living there. They are just so much rubbish for him.”

Putin ordered on Wednesday, military nuclear drills will be carried out which includes mobile launchers, 300 pieces of equipment and more than 3,000 troops in Siberia to prepare for any possible nuclear conflict.

He warned that Putin could perhaps, turn his attention to other countries and said, “So he can simply show the West that if they don’t agree to his conditions then he will use similar bombs (tactical nukes) in London, Berlin, Washington and in other parts of the world.

“I consider that it’s a definitive new scare tactic – and moreover he really may use tactical nuclear weapons on the annexed territory.”

Sidelnikov is urging all Russians who can leave Russia to do so, then warning civilians that it is “vital” they try and flee.

Sidelnikov added, “If there is a possibility of leaving the country, it is vital they do so. Those who can fight and act as partisans should do so.”

Putin’s top security chief has warned the West will be destroyed with hypersonic nuclear missiles if Moscow will not be allowed to dominate Europe.

Nikolai Patrushev said that “historically” Russia has always had the “leading role on the continent” and warned that “the collapse of the EU is not far off.”

It is strongly believed that Patrushev is the brains behind Putin’s war in Ukraine and said, “Some people in the West are already talking about revenge that would lead to a military victory over Russia.”

Taking aim at the US, he told the Kremlin’s mouthpiece newspaper Rossiyskaya Gazeta, that currently they do “as it pleases in Europe ignoring the fact that the leading role on the continent has historically been Russia‘s.

“The Russian empires in the 19th century, the Soviet Union’s in the 20th.

“That’s how it will be in the 21st century as well.”

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