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Russian units are trapped and face a ‘significant obstacle’ in their way which is the ‘now impassable’ Dnipro River

19th Sep 22 5:05 pm

Russian units are trapped the south as they have now been caught between the Ukrainian defense forces and to the right bank of the Dnipro River.

Russian forces in the Kherson region face a “significant obstacle” in their way and this the “now impassable” Dnipro River.

Head of the Joint Press Center of the Defense Forces of the Pivden (South) Task Force Natalia Humeniuk said on Monday afternoon, “The fire control that we hold over the crossings and transport arteries across the Dnipro River makes them understand that they are caught between the defense forces and the right bank – the units that are in this part of Kherson region.

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“Therefore, they were offered a way out in the form of transition under the auspices of international humanitarian law or return home, but we need to understand how.”

She said that there is information that the Russian who are now trapped are “demoralised” and do not see any purpose to stay there.

Humeniuk added, “There is information that they are really demoralised, they really do not see the purpose of their stay in this direction, they see the example of the east, and this inspires them very much, because they understand that such a course of events is also possible.

“They see that it is still closer to move forward, laying down their arms, and go to the exchange fund, than to move to the border, because it is far to the border with Russia in Kherson region, unlike Kharkiv region.

“And they have a significant obstacle on the way – this is the Dnipro River, which, in principle, is now impassable for them.”

She pointed ou there are cases when commanders of Russian units are getting in touch with representatives of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in order to agree on laying down their arms and surrender.

“But you understand that they are subject to thorough verification, since we have said that the enemy is insidious, and there may be various kinds of provocations, so we carefully check those intentions,” Humeniuk concluded.

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