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Russian troops are on the brink as there is ‘a lot of insurrection’ and ‘the Ukrainians are ready for a constant civil war’

by LLB political Reporter
8th Jun 22 3:07 pm

Russian forces who have currently 20% of the country are in real trouble as the “Ukrainians are ready for a constant civil war” and Vladimir Putin will have no way of holding onto in the long term.

Russian troops will totally “drained” by trying to hold on to a small piece of land as the Ukrainians have shown “over and over again” they do not want the Russian’s there nor will they live under their control.

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Michael Clarke, security and defence expert for Sky News warned that Putin’s troops will be in a “great deal of trouble” if they are willing to fight for the “long term.”

Clarke told Sky News, “They have got 20% of Ukraine at the moment. They would have real trouble holding on to it.

“There’s millions of people who live there who have demonstrated over and again that they don’t want to live under Russian occupation.

“There’s quite a lot of insurrection in other places, in Melitopol for instance, and in Kherson.

“There are already partisans who are starting to spring up. Partisan groups who have been training since 2014.

“They’ve been trained by the special forces of Ukraine. They’ve been taken into Ukraine’s defensive structure.

“So the Ukrainians are ready for a constant civil war.

“Would the Russians be able to hold it long-term?

“Not without a great deal of trouble. It would drain them unless they resorted to absolute, complete terror.

“And the rest of the world would have to sit and watch.”

Governor of Luhansk Oblast Serhiy Gaidai said, “Fighting is still raging and no one is going to give up the city, even if our military has to step back to stronger positions.

“This will not mean someone is giving up the city – no one will give up anything. But (they) may be forced to pull back.”

Southern Ukraine is now the main battleground and Ukrainian troops are holding out in Severodonetsk which saw fierce fighting on Wednesday.

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