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Russia state TV point’s out ‘Johnson will face questions’ once the ‘Anglo Saxons are lined up and shot for the first time’

7th Jun 22 1:46 pm

Russian state TV presenter Vladimir Solovyov presented a bizarre hypothesis over Boris Johnson winning the confidence vote.

Solovyov claims that the British Prime Minister somehow engineered him winning the confidence vote to whether he gets to stay on power.

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In a bizarre rant he said on state TV, “The Donetsk prosecutor’s office has just recognised the mercenaries” who fought in Ukraine against Russia and they have “come to the conclusion that” they “deserve the death penalty.”

“If the court approves the death penalty, if Anglo Saxons are lined up and shot for the first time, that will have a much more serious impact.”

Another presenter than asked, “Why did Boris Johnson decide today of all days to play a sequence of moves, sort of like, ‘let’s see what my approval rating is, and see whether I get to stay’ because he realises that this time he’ll definitely stay.

“But when they dispatch them [in Donetsk], when the court makes it ruling and recognises their crimes, and them as war criminals… at that point Johnson will start facing questions because he couldn’t get the British nationals out.”

“That’s why he’s made the first move.”

This comes as a British fighter who was captured by Russian troops is facing the “death penalty” by a firing squad for being a “mercenary” and the “promotion of training in terrorist activities” in Ukraine.

Aiden Aslin is being held as a prisoner of war by the separatist Donetsk People’s Republic (DPR) and he is set to face his “first hearing” in court.

Aslin, 28, who is a British citizen was fighting in the besieged city of Mariupol when he was captured and the DPR prosecutor general’s office has warned he is facing “the death penalty.”

Russia’s state-owned RIA news agency reported that the investigation has found that Aslin had took part in “the armed aggression of Ukraine to forcibly seize power in the republic for a reward.

“The criminal case was sent to court, the first hearing will be held soon.”

The DPR said in a statement, “Taking into account wartime, on the basis of the provisions of the current main law, according to the results of the trial, the mercenary may be assigned an exceptional measure of punishment – the death penalty.”

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