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Russian forces are ‘significantly reinforced in the Bakhmut area’

by LLB Reporter
31st Oct 23 7:32 am

Russian forces have significantly reinforced their group in the Bakhmut area, Donetsk region, and they’ve switched from defense to intensified action.

Commander of the Ground Forces of the Armed Forces of Ukraine (AFU), Colonel General Oleksandr Syrsky has said that in the East the “situation remains difficult.”

Syrsky said that the Russian forces are trying to stop Ukrainian troops with their advance there and return the lost positions using airborne units.

Also, in some areas in the East Russia forces are using their assault groups from the Storm Z detachments.

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He said in an exclusive interview with the Interfax-Ukraine News agency, “The situation remains difficult in the east.

“The enemy does not give up attempts to achieve success and attacks our positions every day. It has been particularly active in the Kupiansk area, where it is trying to advance in several directions at once.

“In the Bakhmut area, the enemy has significantly reinforced its group and switched from defense to intensified action.

“The enemy’s actions are supported by dense artillery and mortar fire. The use of kamikaze drones is constantly increasing. At the same time, thanks to the professional and coordinated actions of our soldiers, the enemy is suffering heavy losses and it is unable to achieve its goals.”

The commander said he is working with commanders of military units who are operating in the areas where Russian forces main efforts are being concentrated in order to quickly respond to their actions and develop effective ways to combat them.

Syrsky said, “After a detailed consideration of the character and method of the enemy’s actions, we discussed all possible ways of using our troops.

“We planned further work. Of course, we can plan any actions, but their effectiveness depends primarily on the courage and perseverance of our soldiers and the level of their professional training.

“Therefore, I always put the moral component and the readiness of our military personnel to carry out assigned tasks first.

The commander said that he uses every opportunity to talk with his troops and he tells “them the words of respect for their extremely effective and incredibly difficult combat work.”

He added, “Our soldiers are real heroes. I am proud that I have the honor to be in the same ranks with them, defending the independence of our state. We continue to destroy the enemy in all directions.

“We constantly plan active operations and liberation of the occupied territories. Victory will be ours.”

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