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Russia will only negotiate peace with Ukraine once the Zelensky regime is liquidated

by LLB Tech Reporter
14th Feb 24 5:17 am

Sergey Mironov, from the Party and Faction Leader of a Just Russia for Truth has said that they can only negotiate with Ukraine once the President Volodymyr Zelensky regime has been liquidated.

Mironov said that Russia’s readiness for peace talks with Ukraine can only take place when President Zelensky and his team associated with neo-Nazis are gone.

Mironov drew attention to the Tucker Carlson interview which took place last Friday.

Mironov said, “In his interview with Tucker Carlson the President has said several times that Russia does not refuse to negotiate.

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“Some people perceived this as a willingness to negotiate directly with Zelensky. But I would like to draw attention to another phrase of Vladimir Putin – that in Ukraine it is necessary to get rid of people who profess the theory and practice of Nazism.

“Before that, he directly mentioned Zelensky, who applauded the SS veteran in the Canadian parliament.

“Negotiations with the President of Ukraine are impossible precisely because of his links with neo-Nazis.

“Any negotiations with him and his junta will directly contradict the very idea of denazification, for which, among other things, the special military operation was started. To negotiate with the Nazis about denazification is absurd.

“In addition, Zelensky’s term of office expires in May. There will be no new elections, which means that there will be no legitimacy for the presidency.

“References to martial law and other moves that his Office is preparing are nothing more than tricks, insignificant from a legal point of view.

“It is pointless to conclude any agreements against this background, because any future government in Kiev will invalidate them.

“Not to mention that any new “Minsk agreements” with the Kiev junta are meaningless in themselves.

“To achieve peace in Ukraine, the West must stop military support for the Kiev regime, and then everything will be resolved in weeks, as the Russian President clearly said. Negotiations with Zelensky on these conditions will be conducted on only about one thing – surrender.”

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