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Russia ‘evacuates diplomats’ from Ukraine and Vladimir Putin warns ‘hypersonic weapons’ have been ‘put on combat duty’

by LLB Politics Reporter
23rd Feb 22 2:52 pm

Russia has started to evacuate their diplomatic staff and officials from the Russian Embassy in Kyiv on Wednesday and Ukraine has “declared a state of emergency” as a “full scale invasion” could be imminent.

The Russian flag has been removed from the embassy in the capital Kyiv which is sign that diplomatic ties have been cut and Kyiv could be attacked imminently.

The US, UK and NATO allies have said the move is the beginning at an invasion further into Ukraine and possibly Kyiv.

But according to Russian state news outlet RIA, Andrei Rudenko, deputy head of Russia’s Foreign Ministry, said the Kremlin does not want to cut diplomatic relations with Ukraine.

Earlier today “the evacuation of the personnel has already started” a source at the embassy was cited TASS reported.

Spokeswoman Maria Zakharova claimed the evacuation is due to “multiple attacks” on Russian diplomats during missions across Ukraine along with “the aggressive actions” against Russian diplomats.

The Ukrainian government have advised all their citizens in Russia to leave immediately before all travel becomes impossible.

Putin has warned of his “unparalleled” stock of “hypersonic weapons” which are ready to launch as the Russian President has placed them “on combat duty.”

Putin added, “We will continue to develop advanced weapons systems – including hypersonic.”

Steve Hsu, who is a physicist warned, “The technology is now mature for hypersonic weapons.

“So both in terms of guidance systems, sensors and also the basic aerodynamics material science to protect the missile or device as its moving at a hypersonic through what could be a plasma that’s created in the atmosphere.

“The Russians have continued to develop that kind of technology; the Chinese have also developed that technology. The US kind of dropped the ball and stopped being interested in it over the last 20-years I would say.”

Foreign Secretary Liz Truss has warned on Wednesday that Vladimir Putin is “highly likely” to launch a “full-scale invasion” of Ukraine and attack the capital, Kyiv.

Truss told Sky News that that “nothing is off the table” as the West are considering more sanctions against Russia should they attack.

The Russian ambassador in the US, Anatoly Antonov, blasted that “sanctions cannot solve a thing.”

Antonov added, “It is hard to imagine that there is a person in Washington who expects Russia to revise its foreign policy under a threat of restrictions.”

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