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Royal chase: Swedish crown jewels stolen in motorboat heist

by Purvai Dua
1st Aug 18 12:50 pm

In a dramatic motorboat heist on July 30, thieves have stolen two priceless crowns and an orb from the Swedish royal family’s collection.

The 17th-century artefacts were snatched from a cathedral in Strangnas, about an hour west of the capital Stockholm, police said.

“One of my friends saw two people running,” Tom Rowsell, who called police after witnessing the escape, told Daily Mail.

“I saw the boat just there, a white little boat with a motor on the back. The two men hurriedly jumped on board. I knew immediately they were burglars because of the way they were behaving..the fact that the boat was waiting, it was obvious to me that they were burglars,” he added.

The robbers then made their getaway in a motorboat that was waiting just a couple of hundred meters away on lake Malaren, Sweden’s third biggest lake, police said.

No arrests have yet been made and no suspects had been identified but police are now publicising the theft to try to recover the valuables.

“We want to spread information and pictures of these items so that they can be identified as stolen objects,” police spokesman Thomas Agnevik added.

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