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Right laptops for different users

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12th Dec 19 12:22 pm

Are you searching for the best cheap laptops to buy? If yes, then you could not have chosen a better time to do so. These days, you can get a good laptop at an affordable price. But before buying, there are a few things to keep in mind. This article will try to help potential laptop owners, much like you, know the variety of laptops currently available in the market.

There are four types of laptop available in the market, and they are characterized by size and versatility. Specifically, these are ultra-portable laptops, thin and lightweight laptops, mainstream laptops, and desktop replacement laptops. Below is some vital information about each of them.

Ultra-portable laptops

Typically, these PCs are equipped with 12-inch screens and weigh less than 5 pounds. Besides, they feature long-lasting batteries, which can hold up to 4hours or significantly longer relying on the particular model. It’s a perfect laptop for people who need high compactness, as they can take these PCs with them wherever they go. This is also useful for people who want a computer for business purposes.

However, the type of laptop is not prescribed for customers who expect to use it for gaming or stimulation. This for a reason, they don’t come with extra features like DVD drivers and other additional elements that you have with different types of laptops. Also, these PCs are equipped with slower processors.

Thin-and-light laptops

Models under the classification of thin and light laptops usually weigh approximately 5 pounds. They come with a 13 to 14-inch screens and are equipped with a reliable processor and a standard-sized keyboard. This type of laptop is incredible for professionals and students because it provides a balance between execution and portability. In any case, you can carry it anywhere. You can as well do the most usual tasks, like typing reports and documents while having fun activities like listening to music and, Watching movies.

Standard laptops

If you are looking for a cheap laptop, then this type will best suit you. They come with a 15-inch screen, and averagely they weigh 6 pounds, imply they are still portable. Mainstream laptops feature a good processor though considered a bit bulkier when compared to other types of laptop.


They are considered the latest fad, and many young or kids choose this type. They feature 7-12-inch screen performance, a complete keyboard, and a low-voltage single-core CPU. The latest models are stacked with Intel Atom processors, excellent operating system and 1GB of RAM. The cost of the netbook is currently estimated to be $ 300. The main features of the notebook are a 12-inch screen without optical drives, etc.


Laptops come in different screen sizes, but the standard is about fifteen inches. Depending on the use, budget, and specifications, you will be able to choose the best laptop that will suit your needs. You would not want to purchase something that can only last you approximately two years. Consider the above laptops when looking for the best.

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