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Revealed: What Londoners love most about the capital

28th Jul 17 12:32 pm

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New research exploring the aspects Londoners most value about the Capital and their sense of pride in the communities they live in shows that 41 per cent  feel very attached to the borough they live in – a further 43 per cent feeling fairly attached – with 49 per cent  feeling very attached to the Capital at large.  As many as 7 in 10 are aware of the history of the borough they live in, confirming Londoners’ strong sense of community, with some 86 per cent of all Londoners confirming that they have some interaction, or a lot of interaction, with the community –these statistics serving to confirm the human spirit in evidence in the wake of the tragic events seen in London in recent months.  Londoners feel more aware of the local history of the borough they live in, than those living in other parts of the UK do their local area.

More than half of respondents cite the transport connections within their borough as the aspect of their community they are most proud of, 47 per cent  their outside spaces and parks, 38 per cent the people they share their neighbourhood with, 30 per cent the culture of their local community, 28 per cent the sense of community that abounds and 27 per cent their local history.  Ranking lowest of all aspects pertaining to their local community, a staggering 93 per cent said they felt least proud of any new or improved housing within the borough – and nearly three in five said they have no idea of any regeneration projects planned for their area in the coming years.

The study, conducted by Opinion Matters on behalf of Regenerate London, also asked Londoners to confirm what to their minds had been the best addition or example of improvement in their borough over the course of the last 5 years.  A total of 19 per cent of Londoners were unable to identify any improvements whatsoever – restaurants and social spaces polling highest at 17 per cent with developments designed to deliver better housing options polling a very telling seven per cent and improvements to local schools just four per cent.

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