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Revealed: Multi-millionaire Steve Wozniak’s ‘formula for happiness’

16th Apr 18 11:36 am

Hint: ‘H = S-F’

When Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak was 20-years-old, he came up with a formula for leading a happy and a content life.

“I thought out my philosophies when I was about 20 years old … How do you do in life? … How do you become a good person?” Wozniak told media while speaking at the Nordic Business Forum in Stockholm.

He continues, “It if I died and had all this wealth and yachts and all this stuff, would I be as happy as when I laugh? And I thought about pranks I played and jokes I had told and music I would hear that would make me smile, and I came up with my formula that life is about happiness.”

‘Happiness equals smiles minus frowns,’ Wozniak said, adding: ‘H = S-F.’

Wozniak is estimated to be worth around $100m now.


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