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Queen’s speech: The funniest reactions on Twitter

by LLB Reporter
21st Jun 17 2:15 pm

What’s your reaction?

Here are some of the funniest tweets on the Queen’s speech.

Christmas is early.

Oh please say it… please…

And here is Jezza…

Which one is the leader?

It does look like the EU flag.

Yep, it does.

And another person has spotted the flag…

Be a good boy and you can have a McDonalds later.

Well, with a nine minute speech Her Majesty will be there on time.

And then there is Dennis Skinner, who clearly can’t wait to watch Ascot also.

John Prescott is back!

It was fairly short…

Oh dear, don’t think the Queen is happy…

Will she be back next week?


This person wrote on Twitter: Charles: “Mummy, You promised me a McDonalds if I came with you”.

Liz: “Oh, Do shut up Charles”

Just in time for the races.






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