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Putin warned ‘hundreds of thousands’ of soldiers will be needed to hold occupied Ukraine

by LLB political Reporter
5th Mar 22 10:54 am

Vladimir Putin would need to send in “hundreds of thousands” of troops that he does not have to hold occupied Ukraine which is almost certainly an impossible task.

Putin’s army which is deteriorating by the hour will face “urban warfare” daily in Ukraine should he be successful to occupy the country.

Major John Spencer who is an expert and a veteran told GB News that Putin will need “hundreds of thousands” more troops to maintain ground – which he does not have.

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Spencer said, “In my opinion based on my own research if they were to hold these areas, God forbid that Kyiv falls and this enters a second phase.

“Which would be in my opinion a very robust insurgency, as  Ukrainians have already said they are going to resist forever.

“They would need hundreds of thousands, I mean the classic counterinsurgency numbers even in the coalition never achieved those numbers in Iraq and that was like 1% of the population, that was a part of the insurgency.

“This would be horrific for the Russian military and they would not be able to hold a lot of these, or just face opposition every day.”

Spencer added, “I did not think to be honest, that the reason that Russian plan… They attempted an operation Iraqi freedom won, shock and all rapid seizure of urban areas failed, was a resistance.

“Now unfortunately the Russians fear urban warfare, they’re not going to send troops in after they’ve bombed everything, a lot more than they already have.

“Horrific scenes of civilian infrastructure and that will break people, I don’t think it will break them all though.

“And I had to go back in history, far back when this many people resist after continued a military power like this.”

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