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Moscow to start a ‘major military recruitment campaign’ to recruit ‘an additional 400,000’ after losing over 220,000 troops

30th Mar 23 12:05 pm

Moscow are preparing to start a “major military recruitment campaign” and want to recruit an “additional 400,000 troops” as Ukraine are about to start a huge counter offensive.

According to the British Ministry of Defence (MoD) this latest recruitment campaign is to ask for volunteer recruits rather than mandatory mobilisation which has proven to be ineffective.

Russian authorities are seeking a “volunteer model” which is designed to prevent domestic dissent which has seen thousands of ordinary Russians speak out against Vladimir Putin’s regime.

Russian troops have seen “huge casualties” because of “deep systemic problems” and the ratio of Russian deaths compared to Ukrainians on the eastern front is now as high as 10 to one.

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Ukraine’s Deputy Minister of Defence Hanna Malyar added that this is not the case every day on the eastern front, adding that Russian losses are “many times greater” compared to Ukrainian forces.”

The British Defence Secretary Ben Wallace said that more than 220,000 Russian troops and Wagner mercenaries have been killed or injured fighting in Ukraine since 24 February 2022.

Wallace told Sky News, “The Russian forces have some really significant and deep systemic problems at the moment in their efforts.”

Speaking at a press conference with his Swedish counterpart in London Wallace said, “At the same time their (Ukrainian military) leadership needs to exercise and train in fighting at brigade or a battlegroup level – fight in the NATO manner or the western way.

“That’s quite important. I can’t speculate on when, where or how the [Ukrainian] offensive may happen, but I think it is no secret that Ukraine is keen to start the process of rolling back Russian forces in the conflict.”

Earlier this week Ruslan Stefanchuk, the speaker of Ukraine’s parliament hinted that this will start quite soon.

Stefanchuk told Sky News, “Of course, I cannot talk about any specifics regarding the counteroffensive.

“But I hope that already very soon, thanks to the help and support of our partners, Ukraine can make a substantial progress towards achieving this goal: to reach the borders of 1991 and restore our sovereignty on the temporarily occupied territories.

“And to restore peace, which so many dream about, and independence on the whole territory of Ukraine.”

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