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Putin blames the West as ‘they started the war’ in an exceptionally long-winded speech then warns of WWIII in a ‘global conflict’

21st Feb 23 11:42 am

Vladimir Putin has given a speech ahead of the one year anniversary of the Ukrainian war and gave his usual rhetoric and warned yet again of World War Three in a “global conflict.”

He accused the West of starting his so called “special military operation” even though Putin had ordered his troops, tanks and fighter jets to the Ukraine border months before the war started on 24 February 2022.

Delivering his State of the Nation address which last for almost two hours,  those in the audience looked like emotionless stuffed shirts and many of whom were oligarchs that Putin attacked in his speech.

The Russian leader blamed the West for releasing the “genie from the bottle” as they have started conflicts across the globe.

He then boasted that Russia’s economy is stable despite being heavily hit with sanctions and claims that inflation is half of that in the West, in a desperate attempt to hide the reality from Russian citizens who are very much feeling the pinch.

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He claimed that domestic banks do not need to borrow any money and inflation in Russia will be 4% less than the West, adding that “we do not have to ask for money abroad.”

Putin then continued with his usual rhetoric against the West, and said, “The West has begun not just a military and information, but also an economic, aggression, then admitted Russia is facing a “very difficult time.”

“But they have not achieved success in either of these areas.

“The initiators of these sanctions are punishing themselves, they provoked a growth of price in their own countries, closures of factories, the collapse of the energy sector.”

He added, “All sanctions are just a means, but the objective is to force our citizens to suffer – this is their humanistic approach.

“They are trying to destabilise our society from the inside.”

Putin also warned of World War Three in a “global conflict” in yet another veiled nuclear threat as the West are trying to turn the Ukraine conflict into a global confrontation and that the existence of Russia is now at stake.

The Russian leader said during his exceptionally boring speech, “Millions of people in the West are being led to spiritual destruction.”

Putin added, “They intend to translate the local conflict into a global confrontation, we understand it this way and will react accordingly.”

Ukrainian intelligence has warned that Putin has placed Russia’s strategic nuclear forces to their “highest level of combat readiness” and that Moscow has already started “large-scale” nuclear exercises.

Russia are preparing “components of the strategic nuclear forces for the launch of sea and land-based ballistic missiles,” who are carrying out “a check of the centralised combat control system of the Russian Air Force ‘Monolith’.”

Russia have also suspended their participation in the nuclear arms treaty, he told officials in Moscow, “I am forced to announce today that Russia is suspending its participation in the strategic offensive arms treaty.”

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