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Pubs ‘face serious staffing shortage with some being forced to close’

by LLB staff reporter
3rd Jun 21 3:11 pm

British pubs are facing an “acute” shortage of staff with some pubs being forced to close and some staff are walking up to 15 miles a day to go to work.

The pub sector also have labour intensive distancing restrictions with more table service meaning they have to employ more staff.

The British Beer and Pub Association (BBPA) said that employees are finding their work physically demanding as some are forced to walks up to 15 miles a day to go to work.

The BBPA also said that staff shortages have been intensified as many EU nationals are not coming back to the UK and furloughed staff have since moved away causing major problems for the hospitality sector.

The government have been urged to end the lockdown on the 21 June and provide a flexible approach to immigration to help the hospitality and pub trade as they need more staff.

BBPA chief executive Emma McClarkin said today, “Our pubs face a serious staffing shortage that has become acute.

“In some instances pubs are having to reduce capacity or close entirely because they do not have the staff to open.

“This is a major concern for our sector as it is hindering its recovery after lockdown.

“At our heart we are a people business and we need good people to provide the best hospitality.

“Even before the crisis, pubs in some areas were struggling to find the staff with the skills they need, particularly chefs and kitchen staff.

“As they reopen and begin their recovery, some have found staff have either moved away or found jobs in other sectors.

“To show our pubs are back open for good and are a stable career choice, it is imperative the Government sticks to the road map and removes all restrictions on June 21.

“It remains the case that pubs and hospitality are a great career and you can go from bar staff to managing a pub very quickly.

“We just need the Government to confirm this by removing all restrictions on June 21.”

However, a former hospitality staff member told LLB today that staff are ‘voting with their feet’ as they have been “disregarded for too long.”

The former staff member told us, “I am one of those who left hospitality during lockdown and I do not miss it. It was clear that hospitality was in no state to be open last year as it was impossible to enforce social distancing guidelines.

“Staff where at risk and where I worked we had Covid infections amongst staff. You could say that some of us felt like we had been thrown under the bus.

“All of these ‘business leaders’ claimed that it would be perfectly safe to reopen last year and that the virus does not spread through pubs, restaurants and hotels. How wrong they all were! Meanwhile those of us who worked in the industry all saw it coming.

“I anonymously contacted my local paper warning them about what was going to happen after a very busy weekend last October and much busier than normal for that time of the year and within a week we had Covid infections amongst staff.

“ No one seemed interested in my story almost as though they would rather see these places open at their own leisure without caring about the people who worked in them.

“The staff are voting with their feet and if this hits the industry then so be it. They have disregarded their staff for too long!”

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