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Prime Minister is facing a mutiny as Tory MPs have had enough and attempt to oust him with a ‘letters of no confidence’

24th Nov 21 1:13 pm

The Prime Minister’s unpopularity is growing fast within his party as Tory MPs have finally had enough and attempting to oust him as dozens have sent letters that they have “no confidence” in him.

This comes over the ongoing sleaze scandal and the social care gap which has left many Tory MPs furious with Boris Johnson.

Around a dozen Tory MPs have sent letter of “no confidence” to the chair of the Tory backbench 1922 Committee, Sir Graham Brady.

A senior MP told The Sun, “There is real anger. He has until Spring to get back on track or he will be in real trouble.

“Letters have gone in. I am on the cusp myself.”

If the Committee receives 15% of “no confidence” letters then this can trigger a leadership challenge within the Conservative Party, meaning only 54 Tory MPs need to send a letter which will trigger a vote.

The Deputy Prime Minister defended Johnson and told the BBC, “The Prime Minister is on great form.

“The reality is people speak about speeches in the Westminster village, the gossip and all the rest of it.

“It’s the job of Westminster commentators to pick up on one anonymous source from wherever they found it to criticise the Government of the day, that’s fine.”

The Telegraph was told by Tory whips that there is an “assumption” no confidence letters had been sent in by the “usual suspects.”

A whip told the Telegraph, “It will not get anywhere near the 50 letters you would need, but it does cause angst.”

More than 70 Tory MPs ignored orders to vote through the health and care bill on Monday which amounts to a mutiny, as Johnson broke his manifesto promise that no person will have to sell their home to pay for care costs as there is now an £86,000 cap on care costs.

Economist Sir Andrew Dilnot, architect of the original plans for a care cap, warned that poorer recipients of care, especially those in the North of England and those who live in areas with lower house prices, will be hit hardest.

Tory MP, John Baron raised concerns from the benches “about the distribution of the relative losses and the worry that those less well-off are going to be hit hardest from the government’s amendment” on Monday evening.

The BBC’c political editor warned there is growing concern at No. 10 that the Prime Minister is losing his grip.

There has been more fury within the Tory Party over Johnson’s Peppa Pig World comment and then he was making car engine noises and he lost his place in his speech at the CBI conference which left business leaders bemused.

A senior colleague of the Prime Minister told the BBC, “There is a lot of concern inside the building about the PM.”

The PM’s spokesman denied on Tuesday claims that Johnson is losing his grip and said he is physically well after suffering a bad cold last week.

He added, “The Prime Minister briefly lost his place in a speech.

“He has given hundreds of speeches. I don’t think it’s unusual for people on rare occasions to lose their place in a speech.

“The Prime Minister is very much focused on delivering for the public.”

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