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Possibly the top two airline stocks to buy for 2024 and beyond

9th May 24 10:16 am

Airline stocks have been rough over the past few years because of the pandemic and the general recession around the world.

Because air travel was at rock bottom, the airline industry took a loss of $140 billion.

Now, as the dust seems to have settled and air travel seems to be booming, airline industry stocks are set to be seen on the rebound.

  • With air travel returning, you can bank on a great rebound in those stocks.
  • Copa Holdings operates in the Latin American region and this region is developing exponentially in terms of urbanization, which will lead to growth in air travel.
  • International Airlines Group is witnessing the rejuvenation of the market on the needs of international travel across several different regions, including the Atlantic.

Given the increasing demand for airline shares, these two, according to Financial Analyst Joel Lim at Trading.biz, are the best stocks to buy in the airline industry for 2024. These two may yield the most profit now that a rebound in the market is looming.

Copa Holdings

Copa is an air holding company located in Panama City, and the current airline business in Latin America is dominated by its two subsidiaries, Copa Airlines and AeroRepublica. The company offers over 300 flights daily to 78 destinations in 32 countries, including the Caribbean, North, Central, and South America.

In addition, the company’s EPS growth shows a good potential for an increase in dividends. Not only did it increase its quarterly dividend by 96% last year, but it also showed a positive trend in the market performance of its stock.

Joel Lim notes “Copa Holdings’ dominance in the Latin America airline business could result in a price pump for its stock over the next few months as airline travel recovers in the post-pandemic market.

International Airlines Group

Many airline stocks are recovering in the post-pandemic market, and International Airlines Group is not an exception. It was last year when the multinational airline holding company saw the best performance regarding profit—all because of the increased demand for international long-haul travel across the Atlantic.

This puts it in an excellent position for the expected rebound in airline stocks in the post-pandemic market.

International Airlines Group, through the airing of its 2023 earnings report, managed to post revenues amounting to $37.5 billion, a huge improvement from the $24.8 billion it managed to rake in 2022. Analysts say this is due to improved leisure and corporate travel, load factor, and the percentage of available seats.

Joel Lim notes “Air travel is booming once more, and we can expect the International Airlines Group to pick up from where it left off in 2023.”

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