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Police called ‘muppets’ for checking ‘non-essential aisles’ are empty of customers

by LLB Reporter
10th Apr 20 2:33 pm

Cambridge Police have been criticised and called “authoritarian muppets” after they posted on Twitter that they have checked no one was in the “non-essential” aisle shopping.

Cambridge Police have since deleted the pathetic tweet of officers attending a Tesco store at Bar Hill, Cambridge.

Cambridge Police said it was “good to see everyone was abiding by social distancing measures and the non essential aisles were empty.”

The police were blasted on Twitter, with one person telling the police, “non essential aisles”

“What the hell is that you authoritarian muppets @CambridgeCops ?

“I’ll buy what I bloody well like you clowns. No wonder you deleted this tweet #CoronaCops #CoronaPolice

@MattBirdLabour said, “Cambridge police do not have the authority to judge what is an essential purchase. Nor are non-essential purchases illegal. This is an outrageous power grab by the police, and we must stand against it.”

Police have warned on Friday that they will stop people from having BBQs in parks, beaches and other public areas.

Even if members from their own household are out and applying social distancing measures this will not be allowed.

John Apter, national chair of the police federation of England and Wales said on Friday the “vast majority” of people are following the law.

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