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North Korea warns UK amid NHS-crippling attack allegations

31st Oct 17 10:42 am

Government suspects North Korean hacking group behind WannaCry attack

Just days after the British government admitted that North Korean hacking group has carried out the “WannaCry” malware attack that devastated the NHS systems in May, North Korea has today denied these ‘wicked’ claims.

A spokesman for the North’s Korea-Europe Association has reportedly denied the accusations and warned Britain against ‘groundless speculation’.

“This is an act beyond the limit of our tolerance and it makes us question the real purpose behind the UK’s move,” the spokesperson stated last evening.

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Speaking to the BBC last week, the security minister Ben Wallace had said how the government believes a North Korean hacking group was responsible for the NHS-crippling cyber attack but stopped short of suggesting the UK could carry out retaliatory attacks.

In May this year, a third of Britain’s public hospitals were affected when the global cyber attack hit the NHS, while up to 300,000 computers in 150 countries were also affected.

Some researchers have reportedly blamed Pyongyang alleging that the code used was similar to past hacks blamed on Kim Jong-Un’s regime.

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