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North Korea is being paid $2bn by Iran to produce nuclear weapons in a secret deal

23rd Sep 17 5:16 pm

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Tehran are circumventing their nuclear pact with Western powers, as they have done a secret deal with Kim Jong-un’s regime, by paying $2bn a year for North Korea to develop nuclear weapons, according to President Trump backer.

Retired US Marine Gunnery Sergeant, Jesse Jane Duff has said Iran has gone to North Korean regime to help Tehran circumvent their nuclear arms agreement.

Duff said to Fox News Business: “Iran has adhered to the specifics of the deal, but they don’t need to do nuclear research themselves since the North Koreans are doing it for them.

“North Korea is getting £2bn a year from Iran. They have merchandised their warfare, their chemical weapons and nuclear weapons. 

“They are very aggressive with their nuclear technology, and that trade shows how the Iran deal is not working.”

Some of Trumps major backers fear that Tehran and Pyongyang will form an alliance that will make them more powerful.

Former Navy Seal, Carl Higbie said: “There is clearly an axis between North Korea and Iran, they are helping each other.

“They are an extremely dangerous duo and we need to resolve this.

“But Kim Jong-Un and the Iranians have never seen anyone talk back to them in these terms. We will not accept appeasement of these tyrants.”

 John Bolton the former US ambassador to the UN, said last week: “I think anything North Korea has Iran can buy, and anything Iran has it can give to North Korea.”

Higbie advised Trump that the US has to make the first move by “shooting down a North Korean missile.”

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