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Musk opens up about his ‘difficult and painful’ year

by Purvai Dua
17th Aug 18 9:18 am

In a rare, emotional interview with The New York Times, Tesla and SpaceX boss Elon Musk has opened up to New York Times and reflected on his “excruciating” year, calling it the “most difficult and painful” of his entire career.

Asked if he regretted it, Musk said, “Why would I?”

Musk startled Wall Street last week when he tweeted out-of-the-blue that he was considering taking the auto company private for $420 per share and that the funding was “secured.” He has since said he is searching for funds for the effort.

The New York Times report said another possibility under consideration is that SpaceX would help bankroll the Tesla privatisation and would take an ownership stake in the carmaker, according to people familiar with the matter.

In the interview, Musk has also admitted to working up to 120 hours a week and taking pills to sleep: “It is often a choice of no sleep or Ambien”.

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