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Most popular packaging materials and what makes them special

by Sarah Dunsby
7th Dec 22 5:24 pm

When we talk about the success of brands, we think of many factors that played a part in making the brand a successful one in the market, but many people ignore one major factor, and that is product packaging. You see, back in the day, product packaging was a mere product carrier and nothing more, so it never got the recognition it deserved, but with the evolution of the packaging industry, people started to observe how packaging can help brands.

The main thing in today’s world is not the product because any brand can hire a team of professionals to make a top-tier product, but what does matter is the way you offer that product to your customers. Every sector in this world is getting fierce with every passing day, and the best way to attract customers is by standing out, and this is how custom packaging boxes are the game changers.

Many things need consideration before finalising the product packaging, but the toughest part is choosing the material because there are so many top-quality materials available in the market. In this blog, we will tell you about the best and most popular options available in the market and why they are special. If that sounds interesting, then let’s hop into it.


The majority of people know about cardboard, but some of you might be wondering, what exactly is cardstock? You can say that cardstock is a type of paper it comes from the same family of packaging materials as cardboard, but it is thicker and extra sturdy. Cardboard is less adaptable because they are sturdy, but cardstock is the game changer.

Cardstock is mostly preferred by the food industry because it is easy to handle. The surface of this material is pretty smooth, which makes customisation easier for the brand, and this is one of many reasons why they love this material. Plus, cardstock has multiple types, and you can choose them depending on the size, textures, weight, and finish of the paper.

Corrugated cardboard

Many people confuse cardboard and corrugated cardboard boxes as the same, but these two are entirely different. A cardboard is a sheet made from the pulps of wood, and corrugated cardboard is made by compressing multiple cardboard sheets into one sheet. This type of cardboard contains multiple layers that are inside layer, an outside liner, and a fluted layer.

The specialty of this material is that it is one of the sturdiest materials you can find without exceeding your budget. Most of the time, this packaging material is used for heavy-duty products because it provides more protection, but this doesn’t mean that it can’t be used for a regular-sized product because this material is as versatile as it gets.

Kraft paper

You can open your phones and search for popular and good packaging materials, and I bet that you’d find this material at the top of many websites; why? Because this material is used by most of the industries in the world, whether it be cosmetic, tobacco, vapes, or food industry, you just name it. But what is so special about this material?

The best part about this material is that this material is sturdy, durable, easy to customise, and sustainable. This packaging material is repeatedly used in the packaging industry and is in very high demand. It doesn’t give you more customisations as the cardboard sheets do, but it brings that aesthetic appeal to the product, which is very important for not only the brands but also the customers.

The majority of the time, the boxes made from this material have a smooth surface and finish, but occasionally brands prefer them to have a rough surface so that their products don’t slide off of the shelves.


Some brands want their product packaging to be sturdy, some want them to be easily customisable, and some brands have other requirements, and there are different packaging material options depending on the requirements of a brand. But, as a brand, if you need everything, then look no further than rigid boxes. This material is the ultimate material for brands because it covers everything.

Most of the time, when you see your favorited influencers or celebrities opening their PR packages, these are the boxes you see on their platforms. Yes, it is an expensive option, but the price will be worth nothing when you look at the perks. This material keeps your product safe no matter the conditions because they are one of the sturdiest materials available in the market, this material has a smooth surface like no other which makes the customisation part easy, and it ensures that the print stays on the box for a longer period.

Plus, it gives your product an aesthetic feel, and customers love it when they get luxurious vibes from a product when they don’t spend much money on it. To end this blog, we will say that these are just a few of the many packaging materials you can choose from, and all of the above-mentioned packaging materials are eco-friendly.

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