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More products shrink due to rising costs

6th Apr 17 3:50 pm

Some big brands have made reductions

Doritos, Peperami and Coco Pops have all shrunk in size, this is due to rising costs hitting food producers.

The size of a large bag of Doritos has been reduced by 10 per cent to 180g. It still remains at the same average price of £1.99. The “grab bag” is shrinking by nearly 12 per cent to just 90g.

Peperami has also shrunk by 10 per cent to 22.5g, it will cost you 79p per stick, a pack of three will set you back £1.59.

A big box of Coco pops has been reduced to 720g, it’s still selling at the same price of £3.75. The smaller box now weighs in at 510g, it’s been reduced by 40g and costs £2.69, the same price as before.

Lianne van den Bos, senior food analyst at Euromonitor International, said: “Many manufacturers will say that they are shrinking the size of their products as part of their responsibility to consumers with regards to health. But while this sounds honourable, the bottom line is the main motivation for shrinkflation.”

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