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Money Button’s advanced features

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23rd Jul 21 9:37 am

With the popularity of using digital currencies, whether for investment, trading or using them as an electronic payment system, comes a demand for an efficient smart wallet. And with BSV’s steady rise in use due to its stability, security, cost-efficiency and many powerful capabilities, also comes the need for a digital wallet that specifically caters to it. Money Button is a cornerstone in the BSV ecosystem and many BSV applications use its technology. But Money Button is more than  just a wallet for storing BSV. It is a pioneer when it comes to simplifying the payment process and offering advanced features.

Aside from being a non-custodial wallet—meaning Money Button does not have access at all to the users’ money—that has the ability to process micropayments at a fee of less than a cent per transaction, it also has a user-friendly interface that even allows the buying of BSV with a credit card through its partnership with Coinify. Through just a short snippet of code, it can also be easily installed on websites and applications as a button with a swipe-based interface. These are just the basic functions of Money Button. Below are its more advanced features.

  • Offers third-party applications, such as PowPing, Twetch and Peergame, a secure and fast onboarding process through a sign-in method that automatically pops up for users to enter their their email address, username and the preferred currency
  • Through the Invisible Money Button API, business platforms can now request permission on behalf of the user to facilitate automatic payments with a one-time sign-in method per session
  • Invisible Money Button also makes it possible for users to customize how the button appears on their website or application
  • Has restored the original Bitcoin’s peer-to-peer functionality with Handcash, allowing for users of both wallets to send and receive BSV without hash addresses or QR codes
  • Has pioneered the Paymail protocol, which makes it possible for the long and complex hash addresses to have the format of an email address, making it easy to remember
  • Opens accessibility to multiple outputs, currency conversion, smart contracts, blockchain data, and a REST API and an OAuth API
  • Has recently released a tokenization API called Fabriik Simple Protocol for Tokens (SFP) that provides users with the ability to create tokens, as well as send and receive these new tokens

Its acquisition by digital asset marketplace Fabriik last year will only increase Money Button’s many utilities. Its SFP feature is the first step towards a fully tokenized society where real-world assets can easily be converted into digital tokens without reducing their value. The future is full of endless potential as the world moves towards a digital economy powered by digital assets that opens equal financial opportunity to all.

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