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Massive Analytic wins DASA competition to help win the invisible battlespace

by Peter Smyth Tech Journalist
20th Mar 19 7:08 am

Private UK based artificial intelligence pioneer, Massive Analytic Limited, has won a Defence and Security Accelerator (DASA) competition to investigate the application of its patented leading edge AI technology, Artificial Precognition, to identify new ways to enable defence and security forces to effectively conduct electromagnetic (EM) operations across multiple domains.

Massive Analytic’s innovative team has made progress in the automated recognition, understanding and classification of patterns with modern AI and deep learning techniques. The company is developing cognitive radio systems powered by the advanced mathematics behind its Artificial Precognition to improve how UK defence can sense, manage, visualise and utilise the EM spectrum, in real-time.

Massive Analytic hopes to simulate the battlefield’s underlying architecture and demonstrate a new level of dynamic and adaptive capability to command and control systems. At the heart of this is removing interference or finding clean open communication channels by applying the neural network technology of the Nethra:VideoAnalytics platform. Massive Analytic hopes that this technology will help underpin future advances in the defence space, such as providing a secure framework for connected soldiers.

Founder and CEO George Frangou said, “On one level the modern theatre of war will be like ones of the past. People will die as armed forces take and hold ground. On another, the next major conflagration between advanced powers will be like nothing seen in history.

“The deployment of robotics and AI can, and will, change the course of history. Victory on tomorrow’s battlefield will depend on huge computing power, smart algorithms and the brutally efficient application of the two to a narrow domain. I can’t think of anything more important than UK forces being able to continue to have trusted communications in the heat of battle. This is our goal for this project.”

DASA, launched in 2016, is a cross-government organisation that finds and funds exploitable innovation to support UK defence and security quickly and effectively, and support UK prosperity. Their vision is for the UK to maintain its strategic advantage over its adversaries through the most innovative defence and security capabilities in the world.

Jess Lucas, competition delivery manager at DASA said, “Our remit is to find and fund innovations benefiting our defence and security end users, but we also seek to generate economic prosperity for the UK on a national and regional basis, so we are particularly pleased to support smaller businesses to develop their ideas, helping them to grow whilst helping us to co-create defence and security solutions.”

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