Home Business News Many MPs hopeful of landing a Cabinet job today will be disappointed as WhatsApp their tool choice is down

Many MPs hopeful of landing a Cabinet job today will be disappointed as WhatsApp their tool choice is down

by LLB political Reporter
25th Oct 22 10:05 am

WhatsApp which is the tool MPs use to communicate is down across the UK an other countries which will affect the vital way how they will be informed of landing a Cabinet role.

Backbenchers and Cabinet Minister’s have WhatsApp groups which is a secure way to sound out advisers over their chances of landing a top seat in the Cabinet.

“We’re aware that some people are currently having trouble sending messages, and we’re working to restore WhatsApp for everyone as quickly as possible,” a spokesperson for the platform’s parent company, Meta, said.

This comes as Rishi Sunak is due to meet with King Charles III to be formerly appointed and accepted as the third Prime Minister this year.

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Sunak will now be planning over how to form his new Cabinet to get the top team right to deliver to the UK after six weeks of market turmoil under Liz Truss.

The new Prime Minister has been described as “fiercely intelligent” who is a “complete workaholic.”

Speaking to Sky News Daily podcast Kirsty Buchanan, director at consultancy Stonehaven and former adviser to Theresa May, said, “Two things immediately struck me about Rishi Sunak. One, he’s fiercely intelligent, and two, he wears that very lightly.

“I suspect probably in most rooms, he’s probably one of the brightest people, if not the brightest person in the room. But he never makes anybody else feel small about that.”

She added that Suank “takes everybody’s views into account” and finds a consensus among his team members.

“He’s a very likeable, consensual politician. I can absolutely see him not repeating the mistakes of Liz Truss and reaching across and creating a government of all the talents and crucially listening to challenge in the room.”

She continued to say that Suank has a “forensic eye for detail on policy and is a “complete workaholic,” and “He and his team will really want to kick the tyres on the policy before they roll things out of the door.”

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