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Many Labour MPs want to back revoking Article 50 plan

by LLB Politics Reporter
1st Apr 19 12:29 pm

Joanna Cherry QC SNP MP has said she is working closely with “many” Labour politicians to revoke Article 50, should a no-deal scenario look inevitable.

Many Labours MPs want to back this approach and some Labour MPs find this a more “palatable” way of wording the proposal.

Paul Sweeney, Scottish Labour MP suggested he and other are “sympathetic” to the idea that has been described as a “sensible safeguard.”

MPs are preparing on Monday to take control of the House of Commons timetable, with the next series of “indicative” votes on Brexit.

Cherry has confirmed she has tabled a fresh version of the motion that calls for the article 50 to revoked in certain circumstances.

Should the UK get to the European Summit on 10 April without a deal, then Article 50 extension will be sought, but if it is not granted, the government will be mandated to put it before the Commons to vote on no-deal.

Cherry told BBC Scotland: “We’re confident that that will be defeated, and the motion goes on to say that if the vote for no deal is defeated, the government must revoke Article 50.”

This reworked version enables for a public enquiry to be set up within three months of revocation, this will look at the UK’s future with the EU, and whether or not a majority can get behind it.

The proposal has been tabled in the Commons for today however, it will be down to John Bercow, the Speaker of the House which motions to select.

Speaking on the Sunday Politics Scotland programme Cherry said, “I’ve worked very closely with some Labour MPs who didn’t feel able to support the way it was worded last time to craft it into a form that’s more palatable for them.

“I don’t know if Labour are going to whip for it yet, but I have been proactively approached by many Labour MPs who didn’t vote for it last time who want to support it this time round.”

When asked if Labour as a whole can support Cherry’s plan, Sweeney said, “Well we’re sympathetic to it, but we’ll see what happens next week.

“I think it’s certainly a very sensible safeguard.”

Sweeney said on Labour’s way forward, “It’s about building a coalition that is going to come together and actually establish a majority for a way forward in Parliament.

“We are clear that some of the compromise options around a customs union and Common Market 2.0, as it’s known, is a clear runner. But we also want to make sure that any deal is subject to a confirmatory public vote.”

When Sweeney was asked whether a reasonable long extension to Article 50 is inevitable, Sweeney responded, “I think it is inevitable. The prospect of crashing out with no deal is just so unpalatable to anyone, even theg, in my opinion, that they wouldn’t entertain it.”

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