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Managing a legal firm doesn’t need to be a balancing act

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7th Mar 19 2:31 pm

Running your own small or medium-sized law firm is a very appealing proposition for many lawyers. However, one of the main challenges that those who make the leap into self-employment find is that running a law firm requires the wearing of multiple hats all at once. In times gone by, lawyers who set up on their own could hope to spend the majority of their time on legal work and liaising with clients.

In today’s digital age, however, this can increasingly seem like somewhat of a pipe dream. Marketing considerations and social media knowledge are now of paramount importance if lawyers wish to build relationships with the broadest network of potential clients. Add to that the need for professional indemnity (PI) insurance as well as a host of paralegal services, and the challenges of running a modern law firm become readily apparent.

Legal managed services – the solution?

However, if you are a lawyer who aspires to focus on your clients and not on office administration and other ancillary tasks, then there is a solution. More and more, law firms are deciding to outsource functions to companies that provide legal managed services. These Legal Process Outsourcers or LPOs offer a range of services encompassing IT, human resource management, PI insurance, paralegal services and marketing support.

Benefits of outsourcing legal services

One example where utilising the services of an LPO can be of significant benefit is in the area of legal marketing support. Staying visible in the minds of clients and potential clients can often mean the difference between success and failure for a growing law firm. Building a strong online presence is an essential element in building relationships with the broadest possible network of potential clients.

However, most lawyers will admit that they do not have the necessary skills to best market their law firm in a cut-throat marketplace. Employing an in-house marketing team is not viable for small and medium-sized firms, and the cost of developing these skills in-house is significant. Outsourcing this function to a firm providing legal managed services has a myriad of benefits.

Most significantly these firms will have access to highly trained teams that can hit the ground running when it comes to marketing your firm. The apparent economies of scale mean that an outsourcing services provider can assemble an array of professionals at a fraction of the cost of developing a team in-house.

Furthermore, an LPO’s will have experience of dealing with the specific needs of law firms before, so any reputational risk that might attach to employing less experienced marketers is eliminated by going directly to those at the top of their field.

Fresh ideas for better productivity

One of the less obvious advantages of employing a company providing outsourcing services is the fresh perspective it can bring to your business. No matter the intention, the day to day reality of working in a small office with the same group of people can inevitably lead to groupthink, where people unwittingly all subscribe to the same point of view, without allowing for a fresh new perspective.

Legal professionals cannot reasonably be expected to remain attuned to current developments in many different fields, but that is often the expectation placed on present-day business owners. For those looking to be unshackled from the restraints of office politics, working with an LPO will allow for a fresh and unique outlook.

Ultimately, outsourcing to a legal managed services firm will allow you to delegate to experts in their specific fields, while you focus on your core competencies as a legal professional.

What legal managed services provider should I choose?

When deciding which LPO best meets your needs, it is essential to consider which ancillary services you wish to outsource. Some firms may prioritise legal marketing support, while others need assistance with PI insurance and paralegal services.

An established LPO that provides s suite of services will be able to provide support even as your requirements change over time. An experienced legal outsourcer such as excellolibertas.com are able to provide the sort of laser-targeted support that will allow you to focus on what matters: your clients and your cases.

Remember running your legal firm need not be a complex balancing act – outsourcing can be the key to a more streamlined and successful practice.

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