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Make your team stand out – 5 work ethic and confidence boosting strategies

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18th Dec 18 9:39 am

Managers are the ones who are responsible for proper work ethics. These are principles every brand should own and continuously upgrade. As a team leader, you probably find it difficult to deal with different people and characters. These 5 work ethic and confidence boosting strategies will be of huge help. Learn how to improve the environment in your office with these simple tips.

Make them feel a part something bigger

Nothing comes close to a tight team. All successful managers and team leaders know how to make their employees feel important.

Why is it important?

When employees are under the impression that they are literally a part of the company, they are willing to give their best. It becomes their life and a goal to succeed much faster. You don’t want them thinking that you’re using them just as a workforce.

What does it do?

It gives you the space to stimulate employees to feel more confident and want to belong to the brand.

How can it be achieved?

The easiest way to do it is to implement corporate workwear. They will love you for making their lives easier. We all know how hard it is to have to wake up every morning and think of office attire. This solves everyone’s problems. Corporate ensembles are usually provided by the firm. If possible, make them black and classy. According to a study from 2015, 56% of the people voted for black as the color that radiates confidence. Suits are the attire that also boosts confidence for both genders. Simon Jersey has some of the best businesswear, so you can now get huge bargains with these 10% Simon Jersey Voucher Codes.

Source: http://www.buytshirtsonline.co.uk/colour-perception/

Stimulate a positive mindset

You definitely don’t want your employees to be in a bad mood. Sure, there are days when we all simply can’t be happy and cheerful, but most of the time there should be a very pleasant working environment.

Why is it important?

By setting a positive, optimistic attitude you will create a team that’s ready to face all challenges. You want people to enjoy themselves while at work, without any negative energy flowing around.

What does it do?

If a single person is in a bad mood, the chances are those negative vibes will have an effect on everyone else. Positive energy is just as contagious as negative.

How can it be achieved?

There are so many simple techniques that can deliver huge changes. It all starts with the leader. Work on your own mindset, then spread it to others. One of the best ways to practice is a “Scavenger Hunt”. This means taking your team out, and do a classic scavenger hunt in a certain location. They will learn how to communicate with each other, work harder as one and have loads of fun. Such a positive and entertaining experience!

Another way to go is to play some good music at the office. According to a study by Northwestern University, upbeat music can do wonders for the mood. They worked with 78 students, who listened to the same instrumental song twice. The first time the base was low, the second one around it was turned up. Can you already guess which one they felt more empowered by? Start the day at work with several songs that will keep everyone entertained and on their feet.

Source: http://blog.wuzzuf.net/2017/09/17/productive-work-music/

Encourage them to work smart

Long working hours are not as efficient as people like to think. There are times when employees will manage to do a lot of work in a short period of time. By setting a positive environment and stimulating their confidence, you’ll realize that long working hours are not the key.

Why is it important?

No one benefits from long hours. Everyone wants to be as efficient as possible and go home within a reasonable time. Many mistakes can be made when employees are overworked.

What does it do?

It shows team members that they have to focus on working smart and finding a way to achieve the goal without spending days on it.

How can it be achieved?

First of all, don’t make them wait for you to leave, so that they can go home as well. Instead, set a fixed working time with enough breaks. A long working day can have a big counter-effect. By delivering smart shortcuts or assigning more people to a single task, you’ll make everyone feel more comfortable and stress-free. Well-rested people are much happier. Warwick proved that the productivity levels spike at about an extra 12% when workers are happy.

Set clear goals and expectations

It sounds odd, but plenty of employees are not always sure what exactly they’re supposed to do on the assigned project.  Others simply don’t have a clear goal on their mindset. By clearing things up with every task, you inspire them to be more dedicated, hard-working.

Why is it important?

It is crucial that team members are 100% familiar with what they are expected to accomplish, so that they could do their best in the fastest possible timeframe.

What does it do?

It promotes great work ethics, since employees will know that you are always open, communicative and available for them.

How can it be achieved?

Hold regular staff meetings, where you’ll discuss what the goals are. Each and every person working on the team should be familiar with the milestones, and when you expect them to achieve those. Offer help and let them know they can always turn to you for questions.

Use rewards

This is definitely one of the unusual work ethic and confidence boosting strategies to use in 2018, but it sure does the job.

Why is it important?

As a team leader, you need the members to feel appreciated for what they do. Not everyone in the team will achieve the same goals or do the same thing at the same time and efficiency. The ones that stand out will expect a reward and praise.

What does it do?

Rewards are a well-known method for stimulating people to perform better. It doesn’t always have to be money. Just a simple “You did a great job” can sometimes be such a confidence-booster.

How can it be achieved?

It’s your decision which path you’ll decide to take. If you go for a monetary benefit, don’t forget about public appreciation. That means praising the person in front of everyone, so that they will become more involved and willing to perform better. It can literally be any type of reward that you can think of, including a gift coupon for a spa day or one night at a luxury hotel.

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