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Lukashenko places Belarus on a war footing amid alleged ‘leaks’ that NATO are ‘considering options’ for a possible ‘nuclear strike’

12th Oct 22 3:02 pm

The Belarusian dictator Alexander Lukashenko has accused NATO of “considering options” for a possible “nuclear strike” on Belarus amid alleged “leaks” from the Alliance.

This could be in response that experts have warned that Vladimir Putin could use Belarus to launch nuclear weapons which would “wipe Ukraine of the map.”

To test the West’s resolve Putin could use his ally Alexander Lukashenko as a proxy to strike Kyiv as the Russian leader has been warned by NATO and the US this would “be catastrophic” for Moscow.

Dr Yuri Felshtinsky believes that the world is now at the “beginning of World War Three” and “knowing Putin” he “probably would try to move nuclear weapons to Belarus.”

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Lukashenko further believes that Ukraine are also preparing to attack Belarus, and the Defence Ministry said, “During the inspection, military units and sub-units will work out the issues of putting on combat readiness.”

NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg said on Tuesday afternoon that they and Western allies are “closely monitoring” Russia’s nuclear forces.

In a statement on the Telegram channel of the Ministry of Defence of Belarus, it said, “Since October 11, the State Secretariat of the Security Council of the Republic of Belarus, in accordance with the President’s order, has been conducting an inspection of the Armed Forces of Belarus.

“It is complex in nature and covers the most important issues of checking the readiness to perform tasks as intended.

“During the inspection, military units and subdivisions will work out the issues of bringing them into combat readiness, marching, deployment in designated areas with training and combat tasks.”

Lukashenko met with his defence chiefs and in a weird rant he said, “When we were in the Strategic Control Center of the Defense Ministry, you and I agreed that we would get together and once again discuss your proposals concerning the sphere of our security.

“We have to determine what else needs to be done in order to bolster the security of our country taking into account the rapidly changing situation.

“An opinion that the Belarusian army will be directly involved in the special military operation in Ukraine’s territory is being cultivated in the West.”

Lukashenko claimed without providing any evidence, “Influenced by these leaks, the military political leadership of the North Atlantic Alliance and a number of European countries are already openly considering options for a possible aggression against our country, including a nuclear strike.”

H added, “Today their goal is not to get us to fight on Russia’s side in Ukraine or, god forbid, carry out a nuclear strike and the rest.

“It is not the key target.

“The key target (it has remained the same since days of old) is to get us involved in the war while dealing with Russia and Belarus at the same time.”

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