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Lord Noon enters Persian packaged meals market with Sima Persian Foods

by LLB Editor
1st Jan 13 4:03 pm

‘In 10-20 years, some Persian food would be as known as Hummus,’ claimed Jamie Oliver in 2011 in one of the episodes of Channel 4’s Jamie’s Great Britain.

And now Iranian journalist Sima Shahraki is on a mission to make Persian food mainstream in the UK.

Shahraki has managed to convince curry king Lord Gulam Noon to throw his weight behind a new chain of Iranian packaged food called Sima Persian Foods.

The company, which will provide both Persian meals and dips, will use Lord Noon’s Bombay Halwa factory in Southall for production.

The meals include a variety of rice, chicken and lamb preparations including ‘Persian Walnut and Pomegranate Stew with Chicken’, ‘Persian Rice with ‘Barberries’, ‘Saffron and Chicken’ and ‘Persian Rice with ‘Barberries’, Saffron and Chicken’. The dips will come in two flavours, namely ‘Smoked Aubergine’ and ‘Fried Aubergine Dip’.

Sima Shahraki


Persian Yellow Split Peas Stew with Lamb

Persian Walnut and Pomegranate Stew with Chicken

Plain Persian Rice with Saffron

Persian Rice with ‘Barberries’, Saffron and Chicken

Persian Lentil Rice with/without Chicken

Jewelled Persian Rice with/without Chicken

Persian Aubergine Stew with Lamb/Chicken


Smoked Aubergine Dip

Fried Aubergine Dip

Shahraki holds a degree in food processing engineering from Mashad University, Iran and a masters degree in international studies and diplomacy from SOAS. She’s worked as a photographer and journalist in Afghanistan and managed quality control in a food factory.

Speaking about the chain, Shahraki said, “My aim is to bring the souvenir of ancient Persian food to our contemporary British food culture.

“With the chain, I want to introduce the numerous Persian rice dishes, most often perfected and finished by the use of specially prepared saffron from Iran. I hope Persian recipes which use everything from almonds, pistachios, glazed carrots or orange peels for meat stews, dumplings and kebabs, will become a part of the daily British meals.”

Shahraki hope to bring the food chain to retail chain across the UK with the help of Lord Noon’s experience in the food sector.

Lord Noon said, “I am very excited to be backing Sima in introducing Persian food to the British market. I am hoping it will be as widely received as chicken tikka masala.”

For more information: visit simapersianfood.com

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